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Blottir To curl up, To snuggle up
Le serment Oath
Le gouffre Gulf, abyss, bottomless pit
La sonde probe
Rajeunir To rejuvenate, to modernise
La prunelle Apple (of your eye)
Le souffle Breath
Deviner To guess
Épaissir To thicken
Revivre To re-live
L'examen blanc Mock exam
Glander To do nothing
Le cil Eyelash
La pisciculture Fish farming
La valse Waltz
Le néant Nothingness, non-being
Le vide Emptyness, vacuum, void, (adj = empty)
L'encensoir Incense burner
Les féculants Carbohydrates
La durabilité Durability, sustainability
Le cerf Deer
La moule Mussel
Le moule Mould
L'exploitation Farming, cultivation
La veuve Widow
Souder To weald
La conte Short story
Le détroit Strait
La Sardaigne Sardinia
Sarde Sardinian
La coupure Cut (in the skin), power-cut
La muraille High wall, rampart, fortification
Ronger To gnaw
L'écume Scum
Le tas Heap, pile
Engouffrer To engulf, to devour
Hérissé Spiked, "hedgehoged"
L'écueil Reef
Éteindre To switch off (an appliance)
Étendre To extend
Ridé Wrinkled
Le cadavre Dead body
Le coup de couteau Stab
La queue Queue, tail (of an animal), stalk (of a flower)
Le hameau Hamlet
La larme Teardrop
Le caillot Bloodclot
Régaler To treat someone to a meal
Étreindre To clasp hands around something, to wrap around
Luire To glissen, to gleam
La clope Cigarette (argot)
Clouer To nail
Le vide-greniers Car boot sale
Déplacer To get around
Aux alentours de Around (a time), near to (a place)
Souillé Dirty, polluted
Manquer de To run out of
Le carnet Notebook
Les pays en voie de développement 2nd world countries
Au cours des ... prochaines années Over the next ... years
La scission Split, scission
Quiconque Anybody
Quelconque Some sort or another, any sort
Figer To clot, to fix in place
Trouver une finalité To come to a conclusion
Avoir le hoquet To have the hiccups
La lutte contre The struggle against
Dans le cadre de In the context of
Interpeller To arrest (formal)
L'nterpellation Arrest (formal)
L'histoire évolutive Human evolution
Manager To manage
Le gond Hinge
Démonter To take to pieces, to dismantle, to take apart
Claquer To crack, to flap, to slam
Le puits Well
Être mal luné To be in grumpy
Être râleur(e) To be rude
Analphabète Illiterate
L'after-shave After-shave
Le kidnapping Kidnapping
L'après-rasage After-shave
L'aiguille Needle
La fuite Leak
Extra-fin High quality
Malchanceux Unlucky
Susciter To arouse, to provoke
L'enlèvement de personne Kidnapping
Le pois chiche Chickpea
L'exploitation bovine Cattle ranching
Revêtir To put on, to don
La piqûre Sting
Le frelon Hornet
Élancer To cause a throbbing pain
S'élancer To embark upon. to launch yourself into, to set forth
Jumelle Twin, matching
Les tours jumelles du Word Trade Centre The twin towers
L'ostréiculture Oyster/seafood farming
Bourrer To fill, to stuff
Se bourrer To get pissed, to get hammered
Gémir To whine, to moan
La proie Prey, target, victim
La bouillie Porridge
La pièce de théâtre Play
La séance Showing, performance
Le chemin de fer Railway
Alors que Whereas
Licencier To make redundant
Le panneau indicateur des départs Departure board
Le licenciement Redundancy
A partir de Starting from
La poursuite Following, continuation, persuit
La grève Strike
L'inquiétude Worry
Engendrer To breed
Le cheminot Railway worker
La perturbation Disruption
Abbatre To shoot
Gêner To cause inconvenience
Le frein à main Handbrake
Le coup de pied Kick
Tirer To shoot, to fire (a gun)
Le coup de feu (Gun)shot
Le coup de poing Punch
Jeter un coup d'œil To have a quick look at
Passer un coup d'aspirateur To do some hoovering
Passer un coup de chiffon To do some dusting
Le coup de fil Phone call
Le coup de foudre Love at first sight
Le coup de vent Gust of wind
Le coup de soleil Sunburn
Le coup de chance Stroke of luck
Le carburant Fuel
Boire un coup To have a drink
Du même coup At the same time
Tenir le coup To keep going, to persevere, to hold out
D'un seul coup In one go
Le couplet Verse
La couette Duvet
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