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Word Processing I

WP I Unit 7

Borders A feature used to add a boarder around a page, paragraph, or column
Bullets A dot, box, check mark, or other small graphic used to set off each item in a list
Endnotes References to other works or publications; printed as a list on the final page of the document
Footers A piece of information printed at the bottom of the pages of a multiple page document to tie the document together
Footnotes References to other publications or quotations taken from other publications, usually numbered and posititioned at the bottom of the page on which the quoted or referenced text is mentioned
Formatting Character formatting includes changing the font, color, strikethrough, or shadow; the way the text appears on the page
Headers Pieces of information printed at the top of the pages of a multiple page document.
Horizontal centering Text that is centered between the left and right margins
Justification/alignment Text is aligned at both ends of the line
Leaders Dots (periods) that direct (lead) your attention from one column of a line o text to another
Line spacing The vertical distance between two lines of type
Margins Spaces at the top, bottom, left, and right of the document between the edges of the text and paper; the absolute boundary of text and graphics on a page
Numbering In a word processing document, you can number each item in a list of ordered steps
Shading A feature used to customize documents by filling areas with varying shades of color (gray)
Tab causes the cursor to skip across the display screen to a place set by the operator or to the default tab setting
Vertical centering/alighnment Text that is centered between the top and bottom margins
Created by: Sharon.Spence