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Word Processing II

WP II All Terms

Columns The vertical arrangement of information
Em dash A symbol that is used to join two related phrases; it is the longest dash you can key
Hard/Non-breaking space a space used between two words or word parts that are not to be separated at the end of the line
Special characters Symbols that cannot be found on a standard keyboard
Style A set of formatting instructions applied to text
Style library a collection of available styles
Template A file that contains page and paragraph formatting and text that you can customize to create a new document similar to, but slightly different from, the original
Cell The intersection of a row and a column filled with text
Row Ahorizontal arrangement of information
Sorting A process of arranging data in a set order
Table An arrangement of data in rows and columns; similar to a spreadsheet
Online business forms Computerized versions of the paper form used in the business world
Printed business forms Paper forms used in the business world
Scanned business forms Paper forms used in the business world that are scanned into electronic form
Scanning A process used to capture images that are saved in graphic format for displaying on a computer
Data source file A collections of information to be merged with a form document; often the data source contains names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc., of customers or clients
Form File The shell document or file used in a merge that contains the standard net to be merged with the data source.
Mail merge Combining a document with information that personalizes it
Main Document The document with information that does not change in a form letter
Merge To combine or unite with something to form a single entity
Drawing tools Features used to create shapes
Exporting Converting data from a computer program into a form suitable for use by a different program
Graphics The art and science of storing, manipulating, and displaying computer data in the form of pictures, diagrams, graphs, or symbols
Importing Transfering data from one location to another in a computer or from one computer to another in a computer network, especially when a change of format is required
Joint Photographic Group (JPG) A graphic file format for encoding high-resolution graphic images as computer files for storage and transmission
Watermark A picture or graphic image that appears faintly behind text in a document
Bookmark An assigned location in a document
Index A list of words and phrases that provides a guide for reference within
Macro A collection of key strokes that are accumulated because they are used together frequently; used to simplify and automate repeated set of commands
Password Assigning a word to a document that prevents others from opening or modifying the file
Table of contents A list that provides a guide to the contents of a document and their locations
E-mail A message sent electronically
Hyperlink Underlined and colored text that links you to a different location on your document or to an external location, such as a different Web page
Web An application that makes use of the Internet; the Internet can exist without the Web, but the Web cannot exist without the Internet
Created by: Sharon.Spence