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G041 ICT Theory

Flash cards for Section B

What is a biometric device? Name some advantages and disadvantages of this? A biometric device is a form of identification which uses automated systems to look for certain physical features.
What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Biometric Devices? Advantages: Replaces hard to remember passwords or usernames Physical features are difficult to forge. Low cost additional security added. Disadvantages: High cost to install. If the system is hacked, people's biological features can be stolen.
What is a booking system? A booking system is an electronic system that tags seats that have been reserved for a certain event, for example, seats at a concert hall.
Name some of the advantages to a booking system. Advantages: Double booking should not happen. Immediate feedback on the availability of seats. Can be tied to emails that can alert customers that a seat has become available.
Name some the disadvantages of using a booking system. Disadvantages: Expensive to install as they're often custom made. If the system crashes, it can cause the business to lose business. Staff need to be trained to use the system, costing the business.
What is CAD? What are some its advantages and disadvantages? Computer Aided Design - computer is used in the design + drawing process. +: Can be more accurate than hand drawings. It's cheap to modify drawings. -: Staff need to be trained to use the software, costing money. Software isn't cheap.
What is a charitable organisation? Non Profit Organisation that serves the public good and common interest.
What is a chip and pin device? What are some of its advantages and disadvantages? An input device that allows currency to be moved with little human interaction. +: Can hold more data than magnetic stripes. Portable. -: You cannot make payment if you for get your PIN. People can look over your shoulder to get your PIN.
Name the legislation designed to monitor the use of computers Computer Misuse Act 1990 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1980 Data Protection Act 1998 Electronic Communications Act 2000
What does the CMA 1990 include? Unauthorised access to computer material Unauthorised access with intent to commit or facilitate a crime Unauthorised modification of computer material. Making, supplying or obtaining anything which can be used in computer misuse offences.
What does the CDP 1980 include? This Act was introduced to protect the investment of time, money and effort by the people who create original pieces of work. It give protection to the copyright holder if someone tries to copy or steal their work.
What does the DPA 1998 include? Personal data should be obtained and processed fairly and lawfully Only relevant data should be held. Data should be kept up to date. Data shouldn't be kept for longer than necessary. Data cannot be transferred outside of the EU
What are some Data Collection Methods? Interviews, Questionnaires, Observation Methods, Document review
What is EDI? Electronic Data Interchange, Data is exchanged between two companies using ICT systems, like E-Mail.
What is EFT? Electronic Funds Transfer, Electronic transfer of money from one financial institution to another.
What is E-Mail? The electronic transmission of text and images to someone else with an e-mail address.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of E-Mail? +: Emails are delivered extremely fast when compared to traditional post. Cheap - when using broadband, each email sent is effectively free. -: The recipient needs access to the Internet to receive email. No guarantee the mail will be read.
What is the difference be Internet and Intranet? The internet is a public WAN, whilst the Intranet is a private WAN that can only be accessed when certain conditions are met.
What is a LAN? Local Area Network, Where computers are connected by as a network within a 50 mile radius.
What is an invoice? A list of goods sent or services provided, with a statement of the sum due for these; a bill.
What is Just In Time Ordering? Where a company receives orders without having the items in stock - receiving them just in time.
What is POS? Point of Sale - something like Magnet Strip or a Chip and Pin.
What is a Payroll system?
What is a WAN? Wide Area Network - network of computers that is over 50 miles.
Real Time Processing, what is it? It is
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