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CARMALT - Literature Terms F-G

brief story illustrating human behavior through animal characters; often includes talking animals or animated objects as principal characters FABLE
story that includes fantastic magical beings set in the distant past of "once upon a time" and whose hero or heroine overcome obstacles to "live happily ever after" FAIRY TALE
any literature that is removed from reality and set in elvish kingdoms, on the moon, center of the earth, etc. with characters like vampires or sorcerers, trolls, dragons, etc.; longer than children's fairy tale FANTASY LITERATURE
a deviation from what speakers of a language understand as the ordinary use of words in order to achieve a special meaning or effect; simile and metaphor are examples FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE
temporary interruption so the reader can witness a past event FLASHBACK
simple character who does not change over the course of the story; a static character FLAT CHARACTER
term for the early production of paper in the medieval period FOLIO
stories passed along by word of mouth FOLKLORE or FOLKTALE
suggestion or hinting of what will occur later FORESHADOWING
shape or organization of a poem FORM
an imaginary wall that separates the events on stage from the audience FOURTH WALL
type of literature, film, or music GENRE
Created by: EM4CARMALT