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Chpt 15 networking

With what technology can you avoid finding an AC outlet for a WAP? B) PoE
Where would wireless access points likely be found? E) Answers A, B, and C A) Airport B) Café C) Historic buildings
Which of the following statements about SSIDs are true? E) Answers A, C, and D A) All wireless networks use them. C) They should be unique to your wireless LAN. D) They are broadcast, by default, by most wireless network devices.
What is the best way to connect multiple wireless segments together? C) Use a point-to-multipoint wireless bridge.
What should you use when you want to limit access to your wireless network based on the physical, hard-coded address of each wireless network device? D) MAC address filtering
What process secures a wireless network by protecting data packets being transmitted? C) Data encryption
What is the predefined silence period between data transmissions called? B) IFG
Which of the following networking standards operates at a frequency of 5.0 GHz? A) 802.11a
Which of the following is the wireless network encryption method that is most secure? D) WPA2
Which of the following is known as a Basic Service Set in infrastructure mode? A) A WAP
In an attempt to maximize your wireless throughput while minimizing interference on your brand new 802.11b/g WAP, which setting should you change? C) Change the channel to anything other than 6.
What innovation enables 802.11n networks to minimize dead spots? D) Transit beamforming
What’s the optimal range for an 802.11n connection? C) 300'
To achieve maximum Wi-Fi coverage in a room, where should you place the WAP? B) Place the WAP in the center of the room.
Dave has set up a Wi-Fi network for his café that works well for most patrons but works poorly on the patio. What’s the least expensive option for making Wi-Fi work for the patio customers? A) Replace the factory antennas on the WAP.
When a network uses the 802.11 standard, it is said to be a _____________. WI-fi or wireless
Establishing a unique__________ or network name helps ensure that only wireless network devices configured similarly are permitted access to network. SSID(Service set identifier)
Of the several wireless encryption protocols, _______ is the least secure. WEP(Wired equivalent privacy)
Of the two different spread-spectrum broadcasting methods, ____________ sends data out on different frequencies at the same time and, therefore, uses considerably more bandwidth. DSSS(Direct-sequence spread spectrum)
WPA uses________ to encrypt data whereas WPA2 uses the more secure ___________. 1. Temporal key integrity protocol(Tkip) 2. Advanced encryption standard(AES).
______________ allows devices on 802.11n networks to make multiple simultaneous connections, allowing for a theoretical throughput of 600 Mbps. Multiple in/multiple out(MIMO)
802.11 implements ____________, which proactively avoids network packet collisions rather than simply detecting them when they occur. CSMA/CA
Connecting two WI-Fi computers through a WAP uses ____________, whereas connecting the two wirelessly together directly uses ________________. infrastructure mode and post hic mode
Some 802.11g and all 802.11n devices enable _____________ to use two channels at the same time for transmission. Channel bonding
When you want to extend a wireless network, simply add another ____________. WAP
The 802.11 standard defines three different spread-spectrum broadcasting methods ___________.... 1. Direct sequence spread spectrum(dsss) 2. frequency hopping spread spectrum(fhss) 3. Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing(Ofdm)
The 802.11 standard defines two methods of collision avoidance. 1. Distributed coordination function(DFC) and 2. Point coordination function(pcf)
802.11a has what speed and range? 802.11b has what speed and range? 802.11g has what speed and range? 802.11n has what speed and range? 802.11a has a speed of 54 Mbps and range of 150 feet. 802.11b has a speed of 11 Mbps and range of 300 feet. 802.11g has a speed of 54 Mbps and range of 300 feet. 802.11n has a speed of 100 Mbps and range of 300 feet.
The __________________defines the most basic infrastructure mode network. Basic service set identifier(BSSID)
What is a SSID? a ssid is a 32 bit identification string that's inserted into the header of each frame processed by a wap. Every wi-fi device must share the same ssid to communicate in a single network.
How many channels is in the 802.11 standard? What channels are used in the united states? (a)14 channels....... (b)1 through 11 are used in the united states
The standard straight wire antennas that provide the most omnidirectional functions are called__________. Dipole antennas
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