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Julius Caesar Review

Review for Spring English 10 Final

What is the name of Brutus's wife? Portia
What is the name of Caesar's wife? Calpurnia
What is the name of the poet who was killed by the mob? Cinna
Who was the first person to stab Caesar? Casca
What was the name of the fortune teller that warned Caesar about the ides of March? Soothsayer
Who stripes the statues of celebrations of Caesar? Marullus and Flavius
What loyal friend of Caesar's gives a persuasive speech at his funeral? Mark Antony
Who tries to persuade Brutus to participate in the plot to kill Caesar? Cassius
On what date was Caesar killed? March 15th
How does Caesar feel about Cassius? Why? He doesn't trust him. Caesar says he is too well read and too observant.
How many times did Caesar refuse the crown? 3
What disease does Caesar suffer from? Epilepsy
Why does Cassius tell Brutus the story about the Tiber River? To illustrate Caesars weakness
What type of conflict is Brutus experiencing? Man vs Self - internal conflict
Why does Brutus decide to join the conspiracy against Caesar? He loves Rome more than he loves Caesar
What type of government does Brutus and the conspirators want Rome to have? A Republic
What were the 4 supernatural events that took place in Act 1? 1. A man's hand of fire but he's not harmed 2. A lion in the Capitol that doesn't attack 3. Men on fire walking in the streets 4. An owl at noon
Why does Cassius want Brutus to join the conspiracy against Caesar? He has the respect of the people
How does Brutus want to kill Caesar? "as a dish fit for the gods"
Who writes the letters to Brutus in Act 1? Cassius
How does Decius say he will get Caesar to the Capitol? He will flatter him
Why didn't Calpurnia want Caesar to go to the Capitol? She had a bad dream she took as a bad omen
What does Antony read to the people? Caesar's will
When does Antony reveal his true feelings after Caesar's death? During his soliloquy over Caesar's body
Who does Brutus think is weak and powerless? Mark Antony
You will have a couple of quotes to explain. They will be ones we discussed during class. na
Created by: sware