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Chpt 14 networking

When an analog sound is converted into 8-bit chunks 8000 times a second, this 64 kilobit per second data stream is created. A) DS0
What exists at both ends of a T1 connection? B) A CSU/DSU
This frame type consists of a single framing bit and 24 data channels, each holding an 8-bit DS0 sample, for a total of 193 bits. A) DS1
Which line consists of 672 DS0 channels for a total throughput of around 45 Mbps? B) T3
Which standard supports a throughput of up to 39.8 Gbps? C) SONET
If you purchase a T1 line in the United States, how will packets be switched? (Select two.) B) Frame Relay
What describes the problem with “the last mile”? A) The connection from a central office to a user’s home is analog whereas the rest of the network is digital.
What terms describe a common telephone connection? E) Answers B and D B) POTS D) PSTN
What marks where the telephone company’s responsibility ends and yours begins? B) Demarc
The CCITT established which set of standards? V standards
Which is the fastest ISDN connection? C) PRI
Sinjay is 200 meters from his ISP’s DSLAM. Which DSL version will provide him with, theoretically, up to 100 Mbps of both download and upload speed? D) VDSL
Which protocol is used by cable companies? B) DOCSIS
What is the benefit to using a satellite connection? C) It is often available in remote locations where DSL and cable are not.
Which protocols support multicasting on VoIP networks? E) Answers A and B A) SIP B) H.323
A ____ line has a maximum throughput of 1.544 Mbps. T1
A ___________ is a device that converts signals between analog and digital. modulator
It is the job of the ____________to convert between 8 -bit-wide digital data and 1 bit wide digital data. UART
A _________ signal is defined as a digital signal of 64 kbps. DS0
A ___________ combines individual circuits with hundreds of others, creating a complex circuit on a single wire. b. Multiplexer
___________ is the primary standard in the United states for long-distance, high speed, fiber optic transmission systems. Synchronous Optical Network (SONET)
In the world of DSL,_________provides equal upload and download speeds up to 15 Mbps. symmetric DSL(SDSL)
__________ uses an IP network to transfer voice calls. VoIP
__________ lines consist of two digital channels over the same copper wire used by regular analog telephones. T1
______is a router feature that can help to optimize network traffic by labeling certain data to us a desired connection.
Created by: Matthew28