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Adobe Photoshop

Desciption of the Basics of Adobe Photoshop

What is the name of the bar located on the top? Options Pallet
What does the green triangle in the bottom right corner of an individual tool represent? There are other options located within that tool
How do you adjust the size of an image? Click "Image" then image size
How do you unlock a layer for editing? Double click on the padlock shown on the layer
Located within the lasso tool, what does the magnetic cling do? Allows user to cling to the outside lines of an image to focus on one area to move
What do you need to save your Adobe Photoshop project as in order to edit it? .psd
When saving your project as a jpeg file how should you save the quality of it? Save it as a Maximum
How do you make an image transparent? Go to "Layer Scale" find the layer you wish to be transparent then use the opacity meter
How do you make text that you have typed in appear in a wave style or arch style? Click on the "create warped text" button on the pallet located at the top and select the appropriate style
To create blurred lines or to blur an image you would use which tool? The blur tool
When saving a Photoshop project which file type would require the most space to save? A TIFF file
Created by: adam nirmaier