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IT3 Security

Topic 5 Security

The 5 potential threats to data & the 3 consequences of data misuse Deliberate misuse/damage; Accidental abuse; Natural Disasters; Faulty hardware/software; Theft; Consequences: Loss of business and income; Loss of reputation; Legal action
The 5 factors to take into account when designing security policies Prevention of misuse; Physical security; Software (Logical) security; Operational procedures; Personnel administration
6 Operational procedures for preventing misuse of data Screen employees; updated virus info and scanning proc.; Define proc. for downloading from Internet, use of removable media, personal backup procedures; Establish security rights for updating web pages; disaster recovery; auditing proc. to detect misuse
5 methods of Prevention of accidental misuse Backup and recovery procedures; Standard backups to removable media; RAID systems – mirror discs (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disc); Grandfather, Father, Son systems; Backing up program files
7 methods of Prevention of deliberate crimes or misuse Control access to computer rooms; Methods of securing integrity of transmitted data e.g. encryption; Firewalls; Proxy servers; Define security status and access rights for users; Physical pro. of hardware and software; Security of document filing systems
5 stages of Risk Management: costs and control Identify potential risks; Identify likelihood of risk occurring; Short/long term conseq. of threat; How well equipped is the company to deal with threat; The disaster recovery program. Make sure you are aware of the 6 main heading.
Understand Previous questions have focused on Risk Analysis.
Created by: mcounsell