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DM_Practice Test 6

Hardware 1_practice test 6

A laptop has 1 GB of RAM installed, but only 924 MB is being reported by Windows. Why? Shared memory is being used by video.
All of the following are single-function ports EXCEPT: USB
How can built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapters be turned on or off without shutting down a laptop? Physical switch or function key combination
How is laser printer resolution measured? Dots per inch
How many different physical sizes do PC Cards come in? Three
How many pounds do Netbooks weigh? Not more than 3
One of the features of power management enables the CPU to slow down or stop its clock without erasing register information. What is this called? System Management Mode
What are Type III PCI cards typically used for? What are Type III PCI cards typically used for?
What can be used to connect a notebook computer to nonportable components such as a printer, a scanner, a monitor, or a full-sized keyboard? Port replicator
What do LCD monitors use to provide brightness for the monitor? Cold cathode fluorescent lamp
What do many laptops support via VGA, DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort? External monitors
What is the primary pointing device for a tablet PC? Touchpad
Active matrix
Shared memory
What type of printer works by ejecting ink through tiny tubes?
What type of screen does a portable device use? LCD
What unit measures the brightness of a monitor? Nits
What's a problem with nickel-cadmium batteries?
Which of the following is NOT a portable PC part that is easily replaced? LCD
Which LCD components are powered by a high-voltage electrical circuit that can give you a nasty shock? Inverters
Which PC card type is used for input/output devices?
Which batteries cannot be used as replacement batteries in other systems? Li-Ion
Which devices provide common PC ports along with extra features for DVD drives or PC Card slots? Docking stations
Which is the high-performance serial replacement for PC Cards? ExpressCard
Which is the successor to APM and specifies global and sleeping power states? ACPI
Which laptop pointing device is most commonly used today?
Which of the following is NOT a step in disassembling a portable device?
Which of the following is a typical upgrade most technicians would easily accomplish on a portable PC, with little teardown? RAM
Which of the following printers transfer data to the printer one character or one line at a time?
Which port can support the keyboard and mouse in portable devices? PS/2
Who started the tablet PC initiative in 2001? Microsoft
You can synchronize most handheld devices to a PC using which port? USB
A laptop has a video card using shared memory. It needs to work as a 256 MB video card but only has 64 MB on board. How much memory must it borrow?
APM and ACPI can be configured in Windows settings. Where else can it be configured? CMOS
All of the following are characteristics of an integrated GPU EXCEPT: Uses more electricity
Batteries should be charged to at least how much when in storage?
Legacy device
What are the best connections for outputting to television? HDMI
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