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DM_Practice Test 5

Hardware 1_practice test 5

A home server PC usually fills all of the following roles EXCEPT: Virtualization
A laptop has a video card using shared memory. It needs to work as a 256 MB video card but only has 64 MB on board. How much memory must it borrow? 192 MB
A laser printer creates an image of dots and holds it in memory before printing it. What is this image of dots called? Raster
A single-purpose system, like a point-of-sale machine (cash registers) is an example of what type of computer: Thin client
APM and ACPI can be configured in Windows settings. Where else can it be configured? CMOS
All of the following are "apps" EXCEPT: Gyroscope
All of the following are characteristics of mobile devices EXCEPT: Has identical functionality as a PC
All of the following are important hardware consideration in a graphics workstation EXCEPT: Sound card
All of the following are measures to take to prevent a data breach from a lost or stolen device EXCEPT: "Phone home" mode
All of the following are necessary configuration settings that a mobile device must have to connect to an 802.11 wireless network, EXCEPT: DNS server address
All of the following are single-function ports EXCEPT: USB
All of the following are software tools for audio/video playback EXCEPT: iCloud
All of the following are ways to evaluate parts EXCEPT: Test the next lowest model
All of the following have an operating system presence in the mobile device market EXCEPT: Unix
Assuming a printer is in good working order and online, what should you check next if nothing prints? Print spooler
Bluetooth devices require what kind of security measure in order to be paired? PIN
Digitizer tablets are primarily used in what type of workstation? Graphics workstation
Every mobile device has what size audio jack for plugging in earbuds or speakers? 3.5 mm
How are dots put onto the surface of paper from a direct thermal printer? Burned
How are dots put onto the surface of paper from a direct thermal printer? Physical switch or function key combination
How is laser printer resolution measured? Dots per inch
How many different physical sizes do PC Cards come in? Three
How many graphics cards can currently be linked together under AMD's Crossfire technology? 4
How many pounds do Netbooks weigh? Not more than 3
How many separate power supplies do laser printers typically have? At least two
In a laser printer, what are the pressure roller and heated roller used for? To FUSE the toner to the paper
Mobile devices have all of the following hardware characteristics in common with PCs EXCEPT: FRUs
Mobile devices that offer microSD slots are usually running which mobile operating system? Android
One of the features of power management enables the CPU to slow down or stop its clock without erasing register information. What is this called? System Management Mode
Port replicators can be used to connect parallel printers. In this scenario, what is the parallel printer? Legacy device
The ability to use multiple fingers to do tasks such as expand or shrink an image on the screen is called: Multitouch
The toner in a laser printer is a fine powder. This powder is made up of plastic particles bonded to what other types of particles? Iron
What are Type III PCI cards typically used for?
What batteries are a popular replacement for Ni-Cd batteries? Ni-MH
What can be used to connect a notebook computer to nonportable components such as a printer, a scanner, a monitor, or a full-sized keyboard? Port replicator
What connection type does a home-theater PC use to provide support for large monitors at high resolution? HDMI
What do some devices feature that can detect the position of the tablet or phone in 3-D space? Gyroscope
What does a resistive touchscreen use to provide input? Stylus
What does the primary corona wire charge? Drum
Power usage
What is heated by tiny resistors or electroconductive plates at the end of each tube in an inkjet printer? Ink
What is the main disadvantage of data roaming, especially when in another country? Cost
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