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Stack #222851

Stack #222851-MLT-124 Exam III

motile swarmer Proteus
mucoid, non-motile Klebsiella
indole positive lactose fermenter E. coli
red pigmented colonies Serratia
H2S positive pathogen Salmonella
Sorbitol negative pathogen E.coli 0157:H7
citrate positive, confused with E. coli Citrobacter
test to speciate Proteus indole
bullseye on CIN agar Yersinia
Clear, H2S negative on HE agar Shigella
TSI K/A sugars used glucose only
TSI A/A sugars used glucose, lactose and/or sucrose
test - slow LF versus non-LF ONPG
test - differentiate Enterobacter and Klebsiella urease, motility, lysine
test - differentiate Citrobacter and E.coli indole, citrate
differentiate Providencia and Proteus swarming
differentiate P. mirabilis and vulgaris indole test
differentiate Salmonella and Shigella H2S test
causes nosocomial pneumonia Klebsiella
causes septicemia in heroin users Serratia
causes UTI associated with kidney stones Proteus
Most common cause of UTI, esp. women E. coli
Causes bubonic plague Yersinia pestis
Causes common food poisoning, typhoid fever Salmonella
pathogen causes dysentery Shigella
E.coli in traveler's diarrhea ETEC
E. coli in bloody diarrhea EHEC, E. coli 0157:H7
pivotal test in GNB testing Oxidase
test for enzyme tryptophanase Indole
tests for sole carbon source citrate, malonate
nitrate reaction = yellow with gas bubbles nitrate -> nitrite-> N2 gas
Created by: kozcrew
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