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Foods2 Business Term

Terms for Foods 2 enterprise

mission a statement of intent to encourage and gruide
franchise a right to conduct a particular business using a specific trade name
sole proprietor owned and controlled by one person
corporation an association of individuals, created by law, united to guide the business
niche a hole in the market that a business will fill
partnership 2 or more people are co owners of a busines
target customers select group of customers for your product
product standard minimum expectations a product or service can meet
working capital available money used to enhance your business
protoype model of a product
marketing objective goals for advertising and persuading target customers
liability debt that is current - 12 months or less/ long term debt - 12 months or more
fixed cost costs that do not vary even thought there are changes in the sales and production
balance sheet shows the worth or value of a company
quality control maintaining quality in a product
business concept a business plan is built from this....
break even point price at which costs of producing, selling and services are covered
variable cost costs that change in production
marketing mix the 4 p's - price, place, product, promotion.
business plan written steps that lead to the success in opening and operating a business
mark up amount added to the cost of an item to arrive at a selling point
income statement this shows the businesses revenue collected and expenses paid out during a specific time period
feasibility analysis test to see if an idea is possible and achieveable
market survey gathering and recording information from your target customers
cash flow statment how money comes in and goes out of a business in a specific period of time
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