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Awáyáhsak (Animals)

Mohegan animals. For sounds: http://moheganlanguage.com/Listen.aspx?CategoryID=4

kahôk goose
mutupasqahs bat
awáyáhs animal
awahsohs bear
áyiks ant
tumôhq beaver
cits bird
acokayihs blackbird
ayôp buck (male deer)
pohpohs cat
môyhsháks chicken
aniks chipmunk
suksuw clam (long clam)
poqáh round clam
káhsh cow
tayák crane
kôkôc crow
noyuhc deer
quniq Doe, a deer. A female deer.
náhtiyá Dog
qiqikum duck
qiqikumihs duckling
wôpsuq eagle
nihsh eel
piyámáq fish
apiq flea
ocáwáhs fly
wôks fox
kopayáhs frog
qáqiqihshôt grasshopper
awáhsh hawk
môysh hen, female bird
husihs horse
mushôc lobster
ohq maggot
mos moose
apqáhs mouse
kokotayam owl
kuciwiwis great owl
kohkokihs little owl
wiwis screech owl
apon oyster
piksihs pig
kôq porcupine
ayumihs puppy
pohpohqutihs quail, bobwhite
tuksáhs rabbit
áhsup raccoon
mushapaqáhs rat
sihsiq rattlesnake
musqaniks red squirrel
musqayan red-tailed hawk
qiqisqic robin
skôks skunk
askiqutum snail
skok snake
mamôyap spider
mushaniq squirrel
wiqáhsh swan
náham turkey
potôp whale
toyupáhs turtle
muks wolf
kahôkak geese
mutupasqahsak bats
muksak wolves
toyupáhsak turtles
potôpak whales
náhamak turkeys
wiqáhshak swans
mishaniqak squirrels
awáyáhsak animals
awahsohsak bears
áyiksak ants
tumôhqak beavers
citsak birds
mushapaqáhsak rats
acokayihsak blackbirds
ayôpak bucks (male deer)
pohpohsak cats
môyhsháksak chickens
aniksak chipmunks
suksuwak (long) clams
poqáhak round clams
káhshak cows
tayákôk cranes (the bird not the equipment)
kôkôcak crows
noyuhcak deer (plural)
quniqak does, deer, female deer
náhtiyak dogs
qiqikumak ducks
qiqikumihsak ducklings
wôpsuqak wôpsuqak
nihshawak eels
piyámáqak fish (plural)
apiqak fleas
mamôyapak spiders
ocáwáhsak flies
wôksak foxes
kopayáhsak frogs
qáqiqihshôtak grasshoppers
awáhshak hawks
môyshak hens, female birds
husihsak horses
mushôcak lobsters
ohqak maggots
mosak moose (plural)
apqáhsak mice
kokotayamak owls
kuciwiwisak great owls
kohkokihsak little owls
wiwisak screech owls
aponak oysters
piksihsak pigs
kôqak porcupines
ayumihsak puppies
pohpohqutihsak quail (plural), bobwhites
tuksáhsak rabbits
sihsiqak rattlesnakes
áhsupanak raccoons
musqaniksak red squirrels
musqayanak red-tail hawks
qiqisqicak robins
skôksak skunks
askiqutumak snails
skokak snakes
ôkikiq otter
ôkikiqak otters
Created by: spearcarrier