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Offset Printing

Identify basic press systems

The procedure of transferring a right-reading image (plate cylinder) to an intermediate carrier (blanket cylinder) where it becomes wrong reading, then transferring that image to a receiver (paper) where it again becomes right reading Offset printing
To print the image in the exact same position on each sheet of paper Register
The operation of an offset press in controlling the paper after the image is printed Delivery
Suction created through the sucker tube(s) by a vacuum pump intake Vacuum
A flat surface on which the sheet of paper is positioned between the feeder and cylinder systems Register Board
A chemical mixture applied to the nonimage areas of an offset plate to repel ink Fountain Solution
Dries ink quickly by using extreme heat Infrared Drying System
The process of printing from a flat surface with the image and nonimage areas separated by ink/water chemistry Offset Printing
A substance applied to the image areas of an offset plate for transfer to the blanket and then to the paper Ink
A piece of printing equipment which holds a roll or stack of paper, controls that paper through the process of imprinting an image on its surface by the offset method and delivers the paper to a stack or roll for further processing Offset Press
Controls the feeding of paper stock either from a roll or as a single sheet from a stack Feeder System
Controls the positioning of the paper being fed through the press so the image will print in the exact same position on each sheet Register Board
Controls the paper after the image is printed by stacking to facilitate further processing Delivery System
A set of three cylinders (or their eqivalent) which control the transfer of the image from the offset plate to the paper being fed through the press Cylinder System
A reservoir (fountain) of ink and related rollers which control ink distribution to the image areas of the offset plate Inking System
A reservoir (fountain) of dampening solution and other related rollers which control dampening solution distribution to the non-image areas of the offset plate Dampening System
Created by: Tom_Carrig