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DM_Practice Test 3

Hardware 1_ practice test 3

What is the maximum length of a USB cable? 5 meters
What is the measurement of the number of different sound characteristics captured during sampling? Bit depth
What is the most common general-purpose connection for PCs? USB
What is the practical limit for modern CPU clock speeds? 4 GHz
What is the process for capturing sound waves in an electronic format? Sampling
What is the property by which phosphors continue to glow after being struck by an electron beam? Persistence
What is the rate of a CD-quality sound capture when captured with 16-bit depth and in stereo? 44.1
What is the result of increasing the sampling rate for sound capture? Better sound reproduction
What is the storage capacity of a single-layer Blu-ray Disc? 25 GB
What is the unit of measuring current? Ampere
What is thin film transistor (TFT) also known as? Active matrix
What is used to change or remove device drivers in Windows? Device Manager
What is used to hold a CPU in place? ZIF
What kind of RAM is cache typically made of? SRAM
What kind of connector does a legacy serial port use? 9-pin DB
What kind of memory do USB drives use? Flash
What measure describes the relative quality of an input port? Signal-to-noise ratio
What must a video card have to support a given combination of color depth and resolution? RAM
What protocol supports direct access to the hardware for joysticks and other game controllers? DirectInput
What should you check first when a system's sound isn't working? Volume control
What sound standard do games typically use? DirectX
What term describes any single combination of resolution and color depth you can set for your system? Mode
What term identifies how many colors can be displayed on a screen? Color depth
What two parts of your PC are much more sensitive to ESD than others? CPU and RAM
What type of computer uses the 68-pin micro-DIMM and 144-pin SO-DIMM? Laptop
What type of floppy drive is used in modern PCs? 3.5 inch
What type of power connector is L-shaped? SATA
What type of voltage does a PC use? DC
What typically connects a CPU to RAM? MCC
What unit is used to measure the capacity of RAM? Byte
What unit is used to measure voltage? Volt
What unit measures the brightness of a monitor? Nits
When choosing RAM for a modern system, what should you consider first? Technology, capacity, speed
When the red, green, and blue colors meet at a single point on a display, the colors combine. What will be seen at this point? Single white dot
When the user loads a program, where is it copied before it is run? RAM
Where are programs stored when they not running? Hard drive
Where do modern PCs store CMOS settings? NVRAM
Where do most USB devices get their power? USB bus
Where does the motherboard store the keyboard controller support program? ROM chip
Which LCD components are powered by a high-voltage electrical circuit that can give you a nasty shock? Inverters
Which SATA variety runs at 6 GBPS? SATA 3.0
Which USB ports are typically used to interface with the PC? A
Which cache on the CPU is used first? L1
Which chip acts as a clock to keep the current date and the time? CMOS
Which chip can be reprogrammed to update its contents? Flash ROM
Which chip converts serial data to parallel data? UART
Which chip is used to store information that describes specific device parameters? CMOS
Which connector is the most common type of connector used for devices that require 5 V or 12 V of power? Molex
Which connector type has a slight D-shape? DB
Which is the first electrical component to "wake up" when a computer is turned on? CPU
Which of the following components is read-only? ROM
Which of the following devices would be fastest for a printer? USB 2.0
Which of the following displays use analog signals instead of digital ones? CRT
Which of the following does not require jumper settings? SATA
Which of the following is a complete copy of a CD that can be burned to another CD to make a duplicate? ISO file
Which of the following is a correct statement? An open case ruins airflow and loses cooling efficiency.
Which of the following is an important difference between desktops and mobile devices, in terms of CPU needs? Mobile devices need to consume less electricity.
Which of the following is equivalent to 1024 bytes? 1 kilobyte
Which of the following is not a valid standard for recordable DVD? DVD-ROM
Which of the following is not applicable for LCDs? They flicker a lot.
Which of the following is the fastest external optical drive interface? eSATA
Which of the following optical media types is popular for today's high-density movies? Blu-ray
Which of the following stores the data that the CPU actively uses? RAM
Which of the following terms is used to define the first cache that the CPU uses? L1 cache
Which of the following units is used to measure resistance? Ohm
Which of the following uses the soft power feature? ATX
Which of the following wires carries no voltage? Neutral
Which of the following would prove more damaging to a CD-RW? Scratching the top of a disc
Which player is commonly used to play Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF) files? QuickTime
Which ports, often coded blue to distinguish them from older ports, are fully backward-compatible? USB 3.0
Which statement is not true? A terabyte is 10000 gigabytes.
Which tool comes built-in with Windows Vista/7 and allows you to create video DVDs? Windows DVD Maker
Which type of processor is sometimes integrated with the CPU to handle certain tasks more efficiently, such as video processing? GPU
Which type of socket package do Intel processors use? LGA
Which types of video connectors are common today? VGA and DVI
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