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DM_Practice Test 2

Hardware 1_practice test 2

Modern PCs are showing up with what special type of port for external hard drives and optical drives? eSATA
NICs usually have a single _____ connection. RJ-45
Newer CPUs process instructions and commands in what type of execution? Parallel
One billion cycles per second is equivalent to ____. 1 gigahertz
RAM storage is not measured in which of the following types of units? Megahertz
RJ-11 jacks are almost exclusively used for ____. modems
SDRAM comes on a stick known as a ____ on most modern PCs. DIMM
Shorter wires can easily handle double or quadruple the ____ speed of the motherboard. clock speed
Some ____ chips on a motherboard handle the infrared connection. Super I/O
Sound cards install proprietary software to support the ____ features not provided by Windows. configuration
Streaming media is the broadcast of data that is played on the computer and immediately ____. discarded
The CPU uses a series of actions to complete a task. What is this series of actions called? Pipeline
The LPX and NLX form factors provided an insertion slot for the ____ card. riser
The SATA 2.0 specification has a speed of: 3 GBPS
The ____ interface enables non-hard drive devices to connect to the PC via the ATA controllers. ATAPI
The ____ type of motherboard has a large keyboard and a split P8/P9 style of power socket. AT
The _______ determines the type of processor and RAM required for a motherboard. chipset
The drive technology that supports only a single device per controller channel is known as _____. SATA
The inability of the source device to keep up with the burner is known as _____. buffer underrun
The motherboard mounts to the case via small connectors called ____. standouts
The only dedicated connector on an AT motherboard is the ____ plug. keyboard
What advanced BIOS feature offers support for multiple software-based machines? Virtualization support
What are programs stored on ROM chips called? Firmware
What are the Northbridge and the Southbridge collectively known as? Chipset
What are the best connections for outputting to television? HDMI
What can be used to read different USB cards? Card reader
What controls the point of impact of an electron beam? Yoke
What determines the type of case a motherboard needs and provides a maximum expansion slot limit? Form factor
What do 3-D game programs use to send standard video commands to the device driver? APIs
What do LCD monitors use to provide brightness for the monitor? Cold cathode fluorescent lamp
What do anti-static mats and wrist straps use to prevent anti-static charges from racing through devices? Resistors
What fast expansion card standard has replaced PCI and AGP? PCIe
What feature, supported by some chipsets, works a lot like dual-channel before it, but with three sticks of RAM instead of two? Triple-channel memory
What hard drive technology typically implements a 1.8-, 2.5-, or 3.5-inch form factor? SSD
What hot-pluggable external hard drive technology uses shielded cable with lengths up to two meters outside the PC? eSATA
What is IEEE 1394? Firewire
What is applied to the CPU before attaching the heat-sink/fan assembly? Thermal compound
What is identified by calculating the number of horizontal pixels times the number of vertical pixels in a monitor? Resolution
What is the Southbridge also known as in Intel systems? Input/Output Controller Hub (ICH)
What is the delay in RAM response time called? Latency
What is the device that is used to read a floppy disk? Floppy drive
What is the format of a MIDI file? text
What is the line out connector used for? External device
What is the maximum length of a USB cable? 5 meters
What is the measurement of the number of different sound characteristics captured during sampling? Bit depth
What is the most common general-purpose connection for PCs? USB
What is the most important thing you should do at the completion of any work? Document your work
What is the practical limit for modern CPU clock speeds? 4 GHz
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