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KB2; Final

Keyboarding 2; Final; Votaw

Legal documents include (6): Judgment, Complaint, Last Will & Testament, Summons, Warranty Deed, & Affidavit.
An ___ is a sworn written statement made under oath. It is a court document. affidavit
A seller who provides a ___ ___ warrants (or guarantees) that he or she has full ownership of a property and has the right to sell it. The seller also guarantees all rights of the property to the buyer. warranty deed
A ___ is a court document that notifies a defendant that a lawsuit has been filed and that an appearance must be made before the court, at a specified time, to answer the charges summons
A __ __ __ __ is a legal document stating how a person wants his or her property distributed after death. last will & testament
A __ is the initial document filed with a court by a plaintiff to initiate a lawsuit by establishing the facts or legal claims; it is a court document. complaint
A ___ is a decision by a court to resolve a controversy; it is a court decision & determines the right & obligations of the parties. judgment
For all Legal Documents, follow these steps: Begin typing at the top of the pg; Use default formatting (12 pt); Set a 1” Left Tab for paragraph indents, 3.25” Left Tab for signature lines, & 6.5” Right Tab; Apply line numbering; If more than one pg, apply a bottom centered page number on every pg
Use a __ to introduce explanatory material that follows an independent clause. colon
Use a __ to end a sentence that is a polite request. period
Use a ___ to separate two closely related independent clause that are not connected by a conjunction & to separate three/more items in a series if any of the items already contain commas. semicolon
___ means “to agree to”; ___ means “to leave out”. Accept Except
__ is most often used as a verb meaning “to influence”; ___ is most often used as a noun meaning “result”. Affect Effect
___ refers to distance; ___ refers to extent or degree. Farther Further
___ means “private”; ___ means “employees”. Personal Personnel
___ means “primary”; ___ means “rule”. Principal Principle
A __ __ is a letter that combines standard and variable information for a number of different recipients to create a set of merged documents. form letter
Two files must be created before a merge can occur... main document & data source file
You can create a __, __, and __ with merging documents. letter, envelope, & mailing labels.
To create a merge document, follow these 5 steps: Select the type of document; Create/use an existing recipient list; Create your main document inserting fields where needed. For labels, update fields; Preview results to check for errors; Finish and merge.
What is the difference between an independent clause and dependent clause? An independent clause: can stand-alone. A dependent clause: cannot stand-alone.
Describe the two files created to do a merge. The main document, which contains generic content that does not change. The data source, which contains variable information specific to the recipient (inside address block, first/last names, etc.).
What is a polite request? What punctuation is used for a polite request? A polite request usually contains please and is expecting an action rather than a yes or no. A period is used for a polite request.
The two types of reports are: Academic (double spaced and the paragraphs are indented) & Business (single-spaced and the paragraphs are on the margin)
The two styles of letters are: Block: everything is at the left margin. Modified block: 3.25” Left Tab for the date and closing lines.
The two types of letters are: Business: after the closing, you’ll see your job title then reference initial if someone else types it for you. Personal Business: you’ll see the address in the closing; NEVER reference initials.
If GDP shows a ___ mark, it means supposed to be there, but something (typographical, spacing, punctuation) is wrong with it. red
If GDP shows a ___ mark, it means omitted. green
If GDP shows a ___ mark, it means typed it but its not supposed to be typed. blue
For Medical Office Documents: 1 space before the table, 1 space after the table. 1 space before each thing you type, but 1 space after JUST the title. Headings – 14 point bold; Remaining text – 12 point. DO NOT AUTOFIT.
For a Memo: Enter 5 times (2”). MEMO TO:, FROM:, DATE:, and SUBJECT: (bold all). Enter 2 times after each paragraph (1 line/space between each paragraph).
An ___ is a proposed outline of a trip that provides a traveler with information such as flight times and numbers, meeting times, travel dates, and room reservations. itinerary
__ __ __ are items discussed during a meeting are officially recorded. minutes of meeting
An __ is a list of topics to be discussed at a meeting. agenda
For Itineraries: use an open table (Do NOT AutoFit/center vertically/horizontally). Resize column 1 to longest entry. Only bold/enter 2 afterTitle/Subtitle/dates. Enter 1 after date. Enter2 after first paragraph in column 2; Enter 1 after last paragraph in c2.
For Minutes of Meeting: Follow Itinerary formatting.
For Agendas: Follow reporting formatting (2” top margin, etc.)
For Magazine Articles: Type article as a standard business report. Hyphenation limit to 2. Justify body. Two balanced column. Multi-page articles=Author’s Last Name/page # at the top right corner, not on first. [Remember to check for Keep with next]
(5) Date (2) ON-ARRIVAL NOTATION (i.e. CONFIDENTIAL) (2) Inside Address 1 (2) Inside Address 2 (2) Dear: (2) Subject Line (Subject:) (2) Body (2) Sincerely, (2) COMPANY NAME (4) initials Enclosure/Attachment Delivery Notation c: Name(2) PS: (2) bc: Name
Created by: ibenoit95