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nutrition vit,min

vitamins and minerals

what vitamins are effected by antacids vit d, folate
antibiotics interfere with absorption of what vitamins a,c, b1,thiamin,b2 riboflavin,b7 biotin
cholesteral lowering drugs interfere with absorption of what vitamins vit a, vit d
lacitives prevent what vitamins to be properly absorbed vit a
sulfa drugs interfere with absorption of what vitamins b1, thiamine, b7 biotin
steroids interefere with what vitamins to be absorbed vit d,c
smoking prevents proper absorption of what vitamin vitamin c
oral contraceptives limit absorption of what vitamins b1,thiamine,folate, b9
antideppresents limit proper absorption of what vitamins vit c
Anti gout,anti coaguian drugs, potassium limit absorption of what vitamins b12 cyanocobalin
what are all the fat soluble vitamins a,d,e,k
what are all the water soluble vitamins b-complex. Vit c b1, thiamine, b2 riboflavin,b3 niacin,b5 pathothenic acid,b6 pyridoxine,b7 biotine,b12 cobamin
Humans can make one fat soluble vitamin vit D3
human can make one water soluble vitamin niacin b3
Name the vitamin that is in intestinal bacteria that is fat soluble vit k
what is the water soluble intestinal bacteria vitamin biotin b7
what vitamin defiency causes scurvy? vit c, from lack of fruits, veggies
what vitamin rda is 60mg, and 200 for a pharmacological dose vitamin c
smoking,alcohol,,antideppresents, steroids, and sulfa drugs serious deplete what vitamin vit c
what vitamin increses absorption of iron vit c
what vitamin improves tissue growth repair,adrenal function, and healthy gums vit c
Has properties of a vitamin and hormone, is required for both absorption of calcium and phosphurus? vitamin d
what vitamin is needed for developement of bones and teeth in children vitamin d
It a patients takes to much vitamin d what can happen? hypervitaminosis,anorexia,nausea, calcification of soft tissue
what vitamin d deficiency is there ? can cause rickets in children.
what are some causes of vitamin d defiency vegetarian diets,lack of sun exposure.
what is the rda for adult with vitamin d 5 ug daily pd, 400,1000 daily 5 ug, pd 400-1000 daily
what are some good sources of vitamin d fish liver oil,fatty salt water fish, salom
cholesteral lowering drugs,antacids,mineral oil,and steroids can limit absorption of what vitamin vitamin d
where is vit e stored adipose tissue
what vitamin helps with preventing hardening of the arteries vit e
what vitamin is important for prevention of cardiovascular disease and cancer. It also is a vital antioxinant vit e
deficiency of red blood cells have been linked the deficiency of vit e
what is the rda for men in vit e 15 iu
what is the rda for vit e for women 12 iu
what vitamin deficiency is rare but can cause abeetaliproteinemenia vit e
list three good sources of vit e cold pressed vegtable oil,brown rice
what vit aids in converting glucose to glycogen for liver storage vit k
what vit is eseential for the production of prothrombin. vit k
Antibiotics increase the need of what vitamin vit k
what are two good sources of vit k asparagus,broccoli
what is the recommended rda for women with vit k 65 ug
what is the rda for vit k for men 80 ug
what vitamin is refeered to vit p bioflavoids
what vit is essential for absorption of vit c and e bioflavoids
what vit should be taken together c and e
what vitamin is used with athletic injuries bioflavoids
what vitamin taken with vitamin c reduces symptoms in oral herpes bioflavoids
name five sources of bioflavoids peppers,buckwheat,black currents, blackberries and cherries
what vitamin is only found in human tissue coenyme q 10
what vit is used to treat mental illnesses q-10
what vit aids in circulation,stimulates immune system,aids in tissue oxygenation q-10
what vit is bennefical for people with allergies,asthma, and respiratory disease q-10
what vit is used to treat alhemerirs disease q-10
what vit should be supplemeted in people over fifty q-10, patients cant make q-10 at this stage
what vitamin is important in reducing mortality in rats q-10
what vit is stored in the muscle b3 niacin
what vit is needed for proper circulation, and healthy skin b3 niacin
what vit helps with the production of hca in the stomach b3 niacin
a serious condition seen in defieciency of niacin b3 is pellagra,casals
what is the rda for niacin b3 in adults 15mg
what is the pd for niacin b3 100 mg or more
what are two sources of niacin whole wheat,beef liver
Conditions such as pregnant women,diabetes,glacoma,gout,liver disease should use what vit sparenly b3 niacin
what vit is considered brain food folate b9
Low levels of b12,b6,b9 increase levels of what homocystein
what vit is good for depression and anxiety folate b9
what vit works best when taken with b12 and vit c folate b9
what vit is essential for pregnancy folate
high levels of what vitamin can mask b12 in the body, that can cause neurological conditions folate b9
what is the rda for adults with folate b9 male 200, female 180, pregnant women 400ugpd 800ug- to 2mg daily
name two sources of folate b9 fortified dry cereal,meat poultry,fish and liver
what two things increase the need for folate alcohol,oral contraceptive
the vit is known as the antistress vit b5 pantothenic acid
what vit aids in muscle pain,exellent for the skin vit b7 biotin
what vit do vegetarian require that is only found in animal tissue b12 cyanocobalamin
what drugs can interfere with absorption of b12 cyancobalamin anti gout,anticoagulan drugs,potassium
name three sources of b12 brewers yeast,soybeans and soy products
what is the rda of b12 for adults 2ug daily
what is the pd for b12 10-1000 ug daily
what vitamin helps with sleep b12
what vit prevents enemia b12
what vit promotes normal growth and developement b12
What vit is a immune system booster vit A
What vit prevents night blindness vit a
what vit aids in fat storage vit a
birth defects are linked to exessive amounts of what vit vit a
what is the best source of vit a carrots,red,yelow fruits and veggies
what drugs effect absorption of vit a antibiotics,laxatives,cholesteral-lowering drugs
what is the recommended dosage for vit a adult 1,000re male, female 800re,pd 10,000 or more
what vitamin deficiency causes berri, berri vit b1 thiamine
what is the source for vit b1 thiamine brown rice and egg yolk
Antibiotics,phenttoin,sulfa drugs,oral contraceptives,heavy alcohol consumption effect absorption of what vit vit b1 thiamine
what is the dosage for vit b1 adult o.5 mg
what vitamin enhances circulation, assists in blood formation,carb metabolism,pretects from degenerative efects of aging vit b1 thiamine
what vit is helpfull for circulation vit b1
what vit causes cracks and sores at the corners of the mouth, as well as skin lesions vit b2 riboflavin
what are the main sources of riboflavin b2 meat, liver,dairy products
what is the recommended dosage of riboflavin b2 in adults o.6 mg
what is the pd of vit b2 10-50mg pd
too much b3 niacin blockes what uric acid secretion
what particular mineral do athletes need chromiuem
what are three sources of chronium cheese, whole grain, meat, yogart and egg
Chromium is directly collelated to what in the body glucose
what are three symtoms of a patient with a chromium def anxiety,fatigue,glucose intolerance
What is boron imp for in the body healthy bones, mm growth,brain fuction
Namr two sources of boron apples,whole grain
what is th maxiumum dosage for boron 3-6 milligrams
What is phoshurus helpfull for bloodclotting, bone formation
Exessive amounts of phosphurus interferes with what vitamin calcium uptake
What are the three minerals that should be in balance mag,calcium,phoshurus
what is two sources of phosphurus corn,
The meat in vit d is the effectiveness of what mineral phosphurus
what is the two main fuctions of potassium maintain bp,maintain mm contraction
what are two minerals that can prevent calcium oxalate kidney stones mag, potassium
what are three things that decrease potassium levels in the body tobacco,caffeine,stress
what are some sources of potassium whole grain,potato,dairy product, brown rice and meat
inbalance in what two minerals can cause heart disease sodium and potassium
excessive amounts of sodium can decrease levels of what mineral potassium
What are a few symtoms seen with a patient that has high levels of sodium abd cramps,confusion,anorexia,confusion
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