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BW; Ch 15; Votaw

Basic Word; Chapter 15; Votaw

Click the Change Type button on the CHART TOOLS DESIGN tab and the _____ displays. Change Chart type dialog box
The list at the top right side of the Insert Chart dialog box displays several chart styles for each chart type
If you want to show trends and change across time at even intervals, which of the following types of charts should you use? Line chart
A pie chart shows proportions & relationships of the parts to the whole
This type of chart shows individual figures at a specific time or variations between components but not in relationship to the whole. bar
The charts you create in Word are sometimes referred to as Graphs
How can you expand an option in the Format Chart Area task pane? Click the option or the expand triangle that displays to the left of the option
What happens after you finish entering all of the data in the Excel sample worksheet and clicked the cross button to close the Excel window? The document window expands and displays the chart in the document
Which of the following statements about using task panes to format charts is not true? Task panes can be toggled on and off using options from Advanced Word
When you click OK at the Insert Chart dialog box, a sample chart is inserted into your Word document and ______opens with sample data. Excel
How many basic types of charts can you create in Word? 10
When you create a chart, in the Excel worksheet are __ to the chart in the Word document. linked
What is the default text wrapping option for a chart? in line with text
Apply a ______ by clicking a chart style thumbnail in the Chart Styles group. a predesigned chart style
To isolate specific data using the Chart Filters button, which displays at the right side of the selected chart, _____ the specific series or categories that you do not want to display in the chart. remove the check marks from
Chart types
The Change Chart Type dialog box contains the same options at the ____ dialog box. Insert Chart
When you insert a chart in a document, four buttons display... at the right side of the chart border
You can use the ____ button side menu gallery not only to apply a chart style but also to change the chart colors. Chart Style
Use the Chart Filters button, which displays at the right side of the selected chart, to ____ your chart. to isolate specific data in
Two tabs are located near the top of the Format Chart Area task pane in the Chart options tab & the Text options tab
A ____ is a picture of numerical data. chart
Use options in the ________ group on the CHART TOOLS DESIGN tab to change the order of data in the chart, select specific data, edit data, and refresh data. Data
Use options in the _____ group on the Charts Tools Design tab to apply predesigned formatting to the text in a chart. WordArt Styles
To display the Format Chart Area task pane, select a chart and then... Click the Shapes Styles group task pane launcher
The options in the Arrange and Size groups on the CHART TOOLS FORMAT are the same as the options in the ____ on the DRAWING TOOLS FORMAT tab. Arrange & Size groups
Use this type of chart to show trends and overall change over time. Line chart
use this type of chart to show proportions and relationships of the parts to the whole. Pie chart
When creating a chart, enter the data in this. Excel worksheet
Use this button, which displays at the right side of the selected chart, to isolate specific data. Chart Filters
Click this button to open the Excel worksheet containing the chart data. Edit Data button
Created by: ibenoit95