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Chpt 12 networking

Which network model uses only truly dedicated servers? A) Client/server
Marcy is home sick, but she uses a VPN to connect to her network at work and is able to access files stored on the remote network just as if she were physically in the office. Which protocols make it possible for Marcy to receive an IP address from the DHCP server at work? E) Answers A and C A) PPTP,,,,, C) L2TP
What is one benefit of a VLAN? B) It reduces broadcast traffic on a LAN.
Rashan’s company has multiple FTP servers, allowing remote users to download files. What should Rashan implement on his FTP servers so they appear as a single server with a guarantee that no single FTP server is receiving more requests than any other? A) Load balancing
Raul sits down at his computer, checks his e-mail, edits a document on the server, and shares a folder with other users on the network. What kind of network is Raul on? B) Peer-to-peer
Which of the following describes a VPN? A) A remote connection using a secure tunnel across the Internet
To enable computers connected to different switches to be members of the same VLAN, what do the switches have to support? D) Trunking
What is true of a multilayer switch? A) It can work at multiple OSI layers at the same time.
Which statement about L2TP is true? C) It lacks security features and, therefore, relies on other protocols or services to handle authentication and encryption.
What are the benefits of caching on a Web proxy? E) Answers A and B A) Response time B) Virus detection
Which are effective methods of implementing load balancing? E) Answers A and B A) Content switching B) DNS round robin
Employees in the sales department complain that the network runs slowly when employees in the art department copy large graphics files across the network. What solution might increase network speed for the sales department? C) Traffic shaping
How does an IPS compare to an IDS? C) An IPS is more robust because it can react to attacks.
A dynamic VLAN assigns VLANs to B) MAC addresses
Novell NetWare was an example of what? B) A dedicated server
A___ sites in between Clients and external servers, essentially pocketing the requests from the clients for server resources and making those request itself. Proxy server
_______ is Cisco's VPN protocol that relies on IPsec for all its security needs. L2TP
In a ______ network, all computers can act in dual roles as clients or servers. Peer-to peer
SSL VPNs come in two flavors: _____, _____. Both provide connectivity to the internal network through a standard web browser and do not need special client software. SSL enables security. Portal and Tunnel
The type of VPN connection, where a single computer logs into a remote network and becomes, for all intent and purposes, a member of that network, is called a _________ connection. client to site
Cisco also moved the endpoint on the local LAN from the server program to a VPN-capable route called _________. VPN concentrator
This kind of of connection enables two separate LAN's to function as a single network, sharing files and services as if in the same building. This is called a ____VPN connection. site to site
What if you could segment the network using the switches you already own? You can, and that's what a ________ enables you to do. Virtual Local area network (VLAN)
Created by: Matthew28