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(CK) Shane 1

deft All Shane's movements were sure and _____, and with a quick precision he flipped down his sleeves and picked up his hat. very precise, very skilled
intangible Something cold, terrifying, and _____ was there in the air between Shane and me. something you cannot see or explain
fraternity Father and Shane looked at each other, measuring the other in an unspoken _____ of adult knowledge beyond my reach. brotherhood, a bond between men
gravely Shane seemed very serious and nodded at me _____ over his heaped-up plate. very seriously, solemnly, soberly
evoked A warmth erased once and forever the feeling of sudden chill terror that our visitor had _____ in me. brought out; called up
pent All the _____ up silence of Father and Shane was being shattered in Father's wonderful shout. confined; bottled up; held in
discernible Not another _____ movement did he make. capable of being seen; noticed; recognized
bantering Shane turned to Mother and his voice took on a _____ tone. teasing; talking in a joking way
wry He would look down at himself and any tool he happened to have in his hands as if in _____ amusement at what he was doing. ironic; in an amusing way
alien Shane's clothes were dirty, yet a magnificence remained and with it a hint of manners _____ to my limited boy's experience. foreign, different
Created by: lindajune



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