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vocabulary lesson 8

caption a few descriptive words providing readers with information regarding a figure, table , or equation.
cell a intersection between a column and row.
clip art a collection of media files available to insert in Microsoft office documents that can include illustrations , photographs , video , or audio content.
compress reduces the size of an object.
crop the process of trimming the horizontal or vertical edges of a picture to get rid of unwanted areas.
drawing canvas is a frame-like boundary that keeps multiple drawing objects together.
embedded object a picture or other inserted into a document that becomes part of the document. compare to linked object.
floating object an image or other object positioned precisely on the page, allowing the text to wrap around it in one of several available formats. compare to inline object.
inline object an image or other object that moves along with the text that surrounds it. compare to floating object.
lable a descriptive name in a worksheet.
linked object a picture or other object inserted into document by creating a connection between the document and picture file but not combining them in the same file. compare to embedded object.
resetting discards all the formatting changes that you made to a picture, including changes to contrast , colors , brightness , and style.
scale the process of increasing or decreasing an original pictures height and width by the same percentage.
screen clippings an image capture of only a part of your computer screen that you have selected.
scren shot an image capture of the entire current display on your computer screen.
shapes figures such as lines, rectangles, block arrows equations shapes, flowcharts, stars and banners, and call outs that you can add to your document or drawing campus.
smart art graphics graphical illustrations available within word from a list of various categories , including list diagrams , processed diagrams, cycle diagrams, hierarchy diagrams, relationship diagram, matrix diagrams, and pyramid diagrams.
word art a feature within Microsoft word that creates decorative effects with a string or text.
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