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Visual Art Abstract

7th Grade Abstract Study Guide

Marc Chagall 20th century Russian Modernist painter and stained glass artist. Pioneer of the new Modernist art movement. Often painted whimsical abstractions of his childhood memories and was inspired by his wish cultural roots
Pablo Picasso Spanish in birth. Picasso is one of the most influential 20th century Modern artists, due to his long career and constant experimentation within many mediums of artistry
Georges Braque Early 20th century French Fauvist/Cubist painter. His work reflected his interest in geometry, breaking down forms into geometric planes and simple colors
Marcel Duchamp Early 20th century DaDa/Cubist painter, and "ready-made" artist. Rejected art that was created only to please the eye, and believed art was an expression of freedom
Paul Klee Early 20th century German Modernist abstract painter. His work was highly influenced by written symbols, such as hieroglyphics and reflected his deep interest in color theory
Kasimir Malevich Early 20th cent Russian Modernist abstract painter His work consisted of very basic angled shapes, often in only 1 or 2 colors. Pioneer of geometric abst art & founder of suprematism the supremacy of pure artistic feeling over what is visually perceived
Piet Mondrian 20th century Dutch abstract artist. Most known for his later work that simplified painting to systematically arranged primary colors (red, yellow, blue + black)and simple right angles
Josef Albers 20th century German artist Most well known for his simple paintings of squares in various colors and for establishing very influential art education programs
Abstraction This art movement simplified more complicated forms into flat or broken up planes as the artist interpreted them, not how they were actually observed
Color theory The study of color and its visual effects/the way color is applied in the arts
Blue Period Picasso's art period - showing much duller or sad subjects, and mostly using cool colors
Rose period/Circus Period Used brighter colors and depicted the socially obscure life of the circus performer
Black Period Reflected much more broken shape planes
Cubism A kind of abstraction/art movement that broke apart representational objects into multiple, often flat, linear, or angular color planes
Suprematism An art movement, focused on basic geometric forms, such as circles, squares, lines, and rectangles, painted in a limited range of colors
Marc Chagall I and the Village 1911
Pablo Picasso Les Demoiselles d'Avignon 1907
Georges Braque The Portuguese 1911
Marcel Duchamp Nude Descending a Staircase no. 2 1912
Paul Klee Senecio (Head of a Man) 1922
Kasimir Malevich The Black Square 1915
Piet Mondrian Composition II in Red, Blue, & Yellow 1930
Josef Albers Homage to the Square: Ascending 1953
Created by: bgpalmers