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Ch 19

CNS agents

What disease does gram - N. Meningitides cause? Meningococcal Menigitis
What is the treatment for Meningococcal Meningitis? Penicillin G or Cefotaxime
What is the method of transmission of N. Meningitides Droplet
How do you prevent Meningococcal Meningitis via N.meningitides? Conjugated vaccines Rifampin and tetracycline from people who came into contact
What disease does gram+ Streptococcus Pneumonia cause? Pneumonococcal Meningitis
How do you treat Pneumonococcal Meningitis? Cefataxime or vancomycin
What is the method of transmission of Strep. Pneumoniae? Droplet
What are the prevention measures of Strep. Pneumoniae? Prevnar vaccine for kids. Pneumovax vaccine for adults
What disease does gram- Haemphilus Influenza cause? Bacterial Meningitis
How do you treat Haemophillic influenza based bacterial meningitis? Cefotaxime
What is H. Influenza method of transmission? Droplet
How would you prevent inoculation of H. Influenza based meningitis? Hib Vaccine
What disease does gram+ Strep. Agalactiae cause? Neonatal Meningitis
What are the treatment options of Neonatal Meningitis? Penicillin G with aminoglycosides
What is the method of transmission for S.Agalactiae? Vertical
How would you prevent Neonatal Meningitis? treatment/culture of the mother
What disease does gram + Clostiridium Tetani cause? tetanus
How should you treat a tetanus patient? Passive antitoxin and Tetanus shot
How is tetanus spread? Parenteral or direct
How should you prevent tetanus? Tetanus shot
What does gram + C. Botulinum cause? Botulism
How do you treat botulism? With an Antitoxin
Where does botulism come from? Food, air, wound, injection
How does one prevent from getting botulism? Proper food hygeine
What disease do arboviruses commonly cause? The West Nile Virus
What treatment options do west nile virus patients have? None, they're gonna fucking die
How does the west nile virus spread? biological vector
How should we, as society, prevent the West nile virus? Insect control
What is a zombie like disease caused by a lyssa virus? Rabies
What are the treatment options for rabies victims? Passive + active immunization, induced coma and ventilator
How is rabies spread? Bite trauma and droplet
How do we prevent rabies? HDCV inactivated vaccine
What disease does the poliovirus cause? Poliomyelitis
How would you treat poliomyelitis? There are no treatment options for poliomyelitis
How does the poliovirus spread? Via fecal>oral or by vehicle
Are there any ways to prevent poliomyelitis? Yes, there are both live or inactive vaccines available.
What pathology does the parasite (toxoplasma gondii) induce? Subacute encephalitis
What medications would you use to treat subacute encephalitis via toxoplasma gondii parasite? Pyrimethamine, Leucovorin or Sulfadiazine
How does the parasite T. Gondii spread? Fecal>oral or through meat.
How should one prevent the invasion of T.Gondii? By taking care of personal and food hygiene.
Which cardiac disease does Staph. Aureus cause? Acute endocarditis
What are the treatment options for acute endocarditis? Nafacillin+oxacillin Gentamycin+Tobra Vanco+Gentamycin Surgery will likely be necessary
How does Staph A. get to the heart? Parenterally
How do you prevent acute endocarditis? Aseptic surgery+injections
What disease do Alpha-hemolytic streptococci cause? Subacute endocarditis
How do you treat Subacute endocarditis? Only by surgery. No meds since its not life-threatening
How do Alpha-hemolytic streptococci spread to the heart? By endogenous transfer of normal biota into the bloodstream
How do you prevent Subacute endocarditis? By using prophylactic antibiotics pre-surgery
What causes septicemia? Bacteria/Fungi
How do you treat septicemia? By using broad-spectrum antibiotics
What is the method of transmission for septicemia? Parenteral Endogenous transfer
What are the prevention options for septicemia? There are no ways to prevent septicemia
What disease does the gram-negative bacteria Yersinia Pestis cause? The Plague.
What is a good medication to treat a patient with the plague? Streptomycin or genta
How is the plague spread? Via biological vector, pneumonic droplet contact or body fluid contact
How does western society prevent the plague so well? By using flee/animal control and vaccinating the public.
What disease is caused by the spirochete, Borrelia Burgdorferi? Lyme's disease
What would be the treatment protocol for a patient with lyme's disease? Give the patient Doxycyclin with or without amoxicillin for 3-4 weeks. The use either cephalosporins or penicillin.
How should we prevent lyme's disease? Avoid ticks
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