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Onur-Formulas C 2&3

Onurs Formulas Chapters 2 and 3

Bai Hu Tang (White Tiger Decoction) Yangming channel syndrome/WFD in Qi level with blazing heat
Indications of Qi level heat/Yangming Jing 4 BIGS: fever, sweat, thirst, pulse Fever worse during day/afternoon
Shi gao, Zhi mu, Zhi can cao, Geng mi Bai hu tang (white tiger decoction) herbs
Shi gao + zhi mu indication Clear heat at Qi level
Geng mi + Zhi gan cao indication Protect MJ from heat clearing herbs
Bai hu jia ren shen tang (White tiger decoction with Ginseng) Bai hu tang syndrome with pronounced sweat and empty big pulse (deficient Zheng Qi)
Zhen ni bai hu tang (White tiger decoction to suppress rebellion) BHT syndrome with N/V & epigastric distention (XU MJ)
Ban xia + zhu ru combination in Zen ni bai hu tang N/V & epigastric distention (Xu MJ)
Zhu ye shi gao tang (Lophanterus and Gypsum decoction) indication Qi level heat linger in LU/ST (vomit, parched mouth, lips, and throat, choking cough, stifling sensation in the chest. "4 mediocre bigs"
Zhi zi dou chi tang (gardenia and prepared soybean decoction) Lingering qi level heat (insomnia w/tossing and turning, chest stifling sensation, irritability, restlessness)
Dan zhu ye + Shi gao indication in Zhu ye shi gao tang Heat and irritability
Ren shen + Mai men dong indication in Zhu ye shi gao tang Tonify qi, nourish yin and fluids
Ban xia indication in Zhu ye shi gao tang Descend rebellious ST qi
Common S&S of Ying & Blood level heat Fever, rash, subcutaneous bleeding, mental disturbance, fever worse at night
Qing Ying Tang (Clear the Nutrient Level decoction) WFD in Ying level(high fever worse at night, better by morning), faint rash, restlessness, irritability, insomnia, possible delirium)
Xi jiao + Sheng di combo in Qing Ying Tang Clear heat at Ying & Xue
Xuan shen + Mai men dong in Qing Ying Tang N Yin & fluids
Dan zhu ye + Huang lian in Qing Ying Tang Clear HT fire
Jin yin hua & Lian qiao in Qing Ying Tang Clear heat at Qi & Ying levels
Dan shen in Qing Ying Tang Prevent blood stasis
Herbs in Xi jiao di huang tang (Rhinoceros horn and rehmania Decoction) Xi jiao, Sheng di, Mu dan pi, Chi shao
Xi jiao di huang tang (Rhinoceros horn and Rehmania decoction) WFD in Blood level (High fever worse at night, better by morning, distinct rash & bleeding (nose, cough, urine); delirium, possible loss of conscious or coma.
Mu dan pi + Chi shao Cool blood
Huang lian jie du tang (Coptis decoction to relieve toxicity) Drain heat/fire in all 3 burners via urine (high fever, irritable, dry mouth & throat, dark urine, constipation, insomnia)
Huang Lian jie du tang herbs Huang qin, Huang lian, Huang bai, Zhi zi, Geng mi, Gan cao
Basic S&S of Toxicity Redness, heat, swelling and pain with high fever, irritability and thirst
Xie xin tang (Drain the epigastrium decoction) Damp-heat with interior clumping/accumulation. (Flushed face, red eyes, irritable, dark urine, constipation, high fever)
Pu ji xiao du yin is a large formula What are some herbs Huang qin & lian, Lian qiao, Ban lan gen
Pu ji xiao du yin (Universal benefit decoction to eliminate toxin) Epidemic toxin with WH & Damp - phlegm...aka "da tou wen, big head toxin"
Wu wei xiao du yin (5 ingredient to eliminate toxin) Fire toxicity on the skin with erythema, swelling, heat and pain
Jin yin hua (sage of sores), Pu gong ying, Zi hua di ding, Ye ju hua, Zi bei tian kuei Wu wei xiao du yin
Lian qiao + Ban lan gen indication LU heat
S&S of LU Heat Fever, cough, sheezing, sore throat, red tongue with yellow coat, rapid pulse
Yin qiao ma bo san (Honeysuckle, forsythia and puffball decoction) Damp-heat collect in LU (severe sore throat with great difficult swallowing)
What are some sore throat herbs Niu bang zi, Ban lan gen, shan dou gen, Xuan shen, Jie geng, She gan, Ma bo
Ma xing shi gan tang (Ephedra, apricot kernel, gypsum, licorice decoction) Heat lodged in LU & ST. Pneumonia (Fever, no sweat, severe cough, scanty, sticky yellow-green sputum, wheeze, nasal flaring)
Ma huang, Xing ren, Shi gao, Gan cao What formula Ma xing shi gan tang
Xie bai san (Drain the white decoction) Smoldering fire with Yin XU D/T heat constrained in LU (skin hot to touch, dry mouth, dry cough, everything worse in afternoon.
2 formulas good for kids for LU heat indications Ma xing shi gan tang, Xie Bai san
Sang bai pi indication LU heat
DI gu pi indication Xu LU heat
Wei jing tang (Reed decoction) LU abscess D/T toxic heat obstructing LU (foul-smelling phlegm...may be blood streaked)
Sage of LU abscess herb Lu gen
Lu gen, yi yi ren, Dang gua ren indication Pus, LU heat + phlegm
Ting li da zao xie fei tang (Descurainia & Jujube to Drain the Lungs) Congested phlegm fluids & heat in LU (Pulmonary failure, pleurasy) Inability to lie flat
Main herb to drain LU fluid Ting li zi (Batman's toolbelt)
S&S of ST heat Oral lesions/bleeding, dry mouth, red tongue/yellow coat, rapid pulse
Qing Wei San (Clear stomach powder) Heat in ST (toothache, inflamed and swollen gums, foul breath)
Qing Wei San (Clear stomach powder) herbs Huang lian, Sheng di, Mu dan pi, Dang gui, Shen ma
Mu dan pi + Dang gui indication in Qing Wei San Regulate blood, Decrease swelling
Yu Nu Jian (Jade Woman Decoction) Excess ST heat damage Yin (Insatiable hunger OR gnawing hunger with no desire to eat, toothache, bleeding gums, etc)
Yu Nu Jian (Jade Woman Decoction) herbs Shi gao, Zhi mu, Shu di, Main men dong, Chuan niu xi
Xie Huang San (Drain the Yellow Powder) Smoldering/latent fire in SP (lip and mouth ulcers, canker sores, yellow sclera, bad breath, thirst, constant hunger)
Purpose of Fang feng + Huo xiang ye in Xie Huang Sang Disperse smoldering heat
S&S of LR/GB heat Hypochondriac pain, bitter taste, red tongue with yellow coat, wiry & rapid pulse
Dao Chi San (Guide Out the Red Powder) Heat in HT/SI channels (Irritability, heat sensation in chest, etc. & HEAT LIN)
Mu tong + Dan zhu ye Clear HT heat through pee
Dao Chi San herbs Sheng di, Mu tong, Dan zhu ye, Gan cao
Long Dan Xie Gan Tang (Gentiana Decoction to drain Liver) Excess heat/DH in LR/GB channels (HA, dizzy, red eyes, irritable, dark urine....)
Long Dan Xie Gan Tang herbs Long dan cao, Huang qin, Zhi zi, Mu tong, Che qian zi, Ze xie, Chai hu, Dang gui, Sheng di
Huang qin + Zhi zi indications Drain GB dampheat
Mu tong, Che qian zi, Ze xie Drain heat thru pee
Chai hu & Dang gui Spread LR qi
Zuo Jin Wan (Left Metal Pill) LR/ST disharmony D/T LR heat (N/V, belch, reflux)
Zuo Jin Wan herbs Huang lian, Wu zhu yu in 6:1 ratio
Bai Tou Weng Tang (Pulsatilla Decoction) Dysentery D/T toxic DH in ST/LI FOCUS bloody diarrhea
Blood>Pus, Heat>Damp, Bloody Diarrhea Bai Tou Weng Tang (Pulsatilla Decoction)indication
Shao Yao Tang (Peony Decoction)indication Dysentery D/T DH in LI FOCUS on stop pain (Bai Shao)
Bai tou weng, Qin pi, Huang bai, Huang lian Bai Tou Weng Tang (Pulsatilla Decoction) herbs
Blood=pus, pronounced pain, tenesmus, burning anus Shao Yao Tang indication
Bai shao yao + Dang gui indication Regulate blood to resolve pus
Xian Lian Wan (Aucklandia & Coptis Pills) Dysentery D/T DH + Qi stagnation. FOCUS tenesmus
Mu Xiang indication in Xian Lian Wan Tenesmus
S&S Xu heat emaciation, night or tidal fever, red tongue with little/no coat, thready/rapid pulseLate Stage Chronic Disease
Qing Hao Bie Jie Tang (Artemisia Annua & Soft shelled Turtle) Late stage WFD, Yin is consumed, latent heat still smoldering in Yin regions
Qing Gu San (Cool the Bones) LR/KD Yin Xu Steaming Bone
Qing Shu Yi Qi Tang (Clear summerheat & augment the Qi) Summerheat injuring qi and fluids..like summertime YM Synd.
Liu yi san (Six to One powder) Summerheat with LJ DH
Hua shi, Gan cao 6:1 ratio Liu yi san herbs
Cheng Qi Tang family of formulas deals with what syndrome Yangming Fu
S&S Yangming Fu syndrome 4 Bigs & hard, dry, focal distention, fullness, pain w/pressure
Modern application of Da Cheng Qi Tang Appendicitis
Da Cheng qi tang (Major order qi decoction) Strongest purgative: Whole Yangming Fu syndrome
Da huang indication Purge the poos
Mang xiao indication Soften the poos
Zhi shi + Hou po Break stasis & move qi down for focal distention & fullness
Da huang, Mang xiao, Zhi shi, Hou po Da Cheng qi tang herbs
Xiao Cheng Qi tang (Minor Order qi decoction) Moderate purgative, Yangming fu syndrome with hardness, fullness, distention
Da huang, hou po, zhi shi Xiao cheng qi tang herbs
Tiao cheng qi tang (Regulate ST & order qi) Mild purgative, Yangming fu syndrome, dryness,hardness
Da huang, mang xiao, gan cao Tiao wei cheng qi tang herbs
Da huang gan cao tang (Rhubarb & licorice) Mildest purgative, Yangming fu syndrome, dryness and harness
Hou po san wu tang (Three substance decoction with magnolia bark) Constipation D/T qi stagnation, mild constipation with gas and bloating
Da huang mu dan tang (Rhubarb and Moutan) Early stage intestinal abscess/appendicitis
Da huang and gan cao Da huang gan cao tang herbs
Hou po, Zhi shi, Da huang Hou po san wu tang herbs
Da huang, Mang xiao, Mu dan pi, Tao ren, Dong gua ren Da huang mu dan tang herbs
Liang ge san (cool the diaphragm powder) Heat and clumping in diaphragm
Da huang, mang xiao, gan cao, huang qin, zhi zi, lian qiao, bo he Liang ge san herbs
Huang long tang (yellow dragon decoction) Interior heat excess with zheng qi xu (green watery, foul smelling diarrhea, abd. pain
Ma zi ren wan (Hemp Seed pills) Habitual constipation D/T ST + LI heat and dryness
Huo ma ren, Xing ren, Da huang, Zhi shi, Hou po, Feng mi Ma zi ren wan herbs
Run chang wan (Master Shen's Moisten Intestine Pills) Constipation D/T blood xu and dryness
Zeng ye cheng qi tang (Increase fluids & order qi decoction) Constipation D/T yin xu
Huo ma ren, Tao ren, Dang gui, Sheng di, Zhe ke Run chang wan herbs
Sheng di, Xuan shen, Mai men doing, Da huang, Mang xiao Zeng ye cheng qi tang herbs
Ji chuan wan (Benefit the river flow) Constipation D/T KD Yang & Qi xu (Infrequent stools, can be dry or loose; weak & cold person)
Da huang fu zi tang (Rhubarb & actonite) Cold accumulation in the interior.
Fu zi, Xi xin, Da huang Warm MJ and purge intestines. Da huang fu zi tang herbs
Rou cong rong, Dang gui, Ze xie, Niu xi, Zhi ke, Sheng ma Ji chuan wan herbs
San wu bei ji wan (3 substance for emergency) Sudden, severe cold accumulation in the interior (constipation, sudden, severe abd. pain)
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