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Combined Patterns

TCM Diagnosis Pattern

Liver Invades Spleen Distenstion, fullness and pain in the costal & hypochondriac regions, mental depression or irritability, poor appetite, abdominal distension, loose stools, alt constip. and diarr., stools: dry &bitty or loose, flatulence, tiredness T red sides Pstring L
Liver Invades Stomach Distension and pain in costal, hypochondriac and epigastric regions, belching, acid regurgitaion, empty/uncomfortable in ST, mental depression or irritability, T thin coat P string
Liver Fire insults Lung Burning pain in costal, hypochon regions, paroxysmal cough or hemoptysis, quick temper, irritability, restlessness, heat sensation in chest, bitter taste, dizziness, red eyes T red-yell coat P string rapid
LU and SP Qi Deficiency General lassitude, bright-white complexion, cough profuse dilute WH sputum, weak voice, bit breathlessness and spon sweat, poor appet, loose stool, facial puffy, edema feet T pale WH coat P empty
HT Blood and SP Qi Defic Sallow complexion, general lassistude, paps, poor memory insomnia dream-d sleep, less appet. abd distension, loose stool, irreg menses, menses Bl is pale,lot or amenorrhea, T pale th WH P weak, thready
SP and Liver Blood XU Dizziness, tiredness, sallow complex, loose stools, no appet, blurred vision, numbness/ting limbs, T pale -sides orange? P hesitant
SP Damp and Liver Qi Defic Stuffiness and fullness of epigastrium, nausea, no appet, loose stool, feeling heaviness, thrist-drink in sips, sallow complex, hypochondriac pain, jaundice, bitter taste, T: TH Sticky Yell P rolling/string
HT an LU Qi Deficiency palps, SOB, weak cough, asthma, spontaneous sweating T pale P weak
LU and KD Qi Deficiency Asthmatic breathing, SOB, more exhale than inhale, worse exertion, low voice, cold limbs esp after sweat, spont sweat, blue complex, incontinence d/t cough, facial swell, thin body no spirit mental listlessness sore back T pale Th coat, Pweak
KD & SP Yang Deficiency Pallor, aver to cold, cold limbs, abd, legs sore weak lumbar+knee, abund or scanty clear urine, loose stool at dawn, diar like water, edema of abd legs face limbs, physical weak, mental listless, PHL in throat, breathless, dislike to speak, want lie down
HT & KD Yang Deficiency Palps, cold appearance, edema, scanty urine, T pale swollen moist WH coat P deep, minute
LU and KD Yin Deficiency cough w/sm amt sputum -poss Bl. dry cough worse in eve. breathless exertion, dry mouth throat, sore weak lumbar+knee tidal fever, malar flush, night sweat, noct emission, 5palm heat T red no coat P rapid thready
Liver and KD Yin Deficiency Dizziness, blurry vision, dry eyes, numb limb, dull occip or vertic. HA, anger outburst, dry throat insomnia dream d.sleep, tinnitus, heat in chest,palms,soles night sweat, malar flush, diffic dry stool scanty mense flow-delay cycle-infertil T red no coat
HT and KD Disharmony Mental restlessness, insomnia, palps, poor memory, dizziness, tinnitus, dry throat, sore lumbar, spermatorrhea in dreams, tidal fever, night sweats, scanty-dk urine T red no coat, P rapid thready
HT and Liver Blood Deficiency Palps, amnesia, insomnia, dreaming, dizziness, tinnitus, pale face, dry eyes, blurry vision, dry nails, numbness, tremors, spasms, pale menses flow, amenorrhea T pale Th dry, P weak thready
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