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Ethan Frome study qu

Ethan Frome study questions

Describe Ethan Frome as he is first seen by the narrator. Most striking figure in Starkfield, ruin of a man, great height, red scar on forehead, walks with a limp.
Why has Ethan remained in Starkfield? To take care of his family and the farm.
What metaphors does the narrator use to describe winter in Starkfield? White tents/ wild Calvary of March winds/ six months sieged.
How does the narrator finally meet Ethan Frome? He needs a ride because the horses are sick; Ethan begins picking him up on the road.
What is the narrator able to learn about Ethan during their daily rides? He’s quiet/ taciturn, he likes science, he wanted to become an engineer.
Describe the Frome house as seen by the narrator. No L, thin wooden walls, worn coat of paint, unusually forlorn and stunted.
To what does Ethan attribute his mother’s death? Rheumatism/ loneliness.
Why does Zenobia take Mattie into her home? She is her cousin and she needs a helper/aid for the housework.
How does Ethan feel about escorting Mattie? At first he sees it as a chore, then he begins to look forward to it.
What causes Ethan to believe Zenobia is jealous of Mattie? Looks and comments on her “inefficiency”.
How does Ethan’s attitude toward the Frome gravestones change? At first it’s a sense of doom, he will eventually end up there; Maddie makes him think more positively.
What does Ethan think when he cannot find the house key? Vagrants have robbed the house/ Zeena has locked them out.
What reason does Zeena give for locking Ethan and Mattie out? She felt so “mean” she couldn’t sleep.
Why does Ethan want to avoid going to bed until Zeena and Mattie have gone upstairs? He wants time to think about his feelings for Zeena/ Maddie; he says he has mill accounts to go over.
How does Ethan react when Zeena announces she is going to Bettsbridge? He is relieved because he thinks he will get time with Maddie; he is also mad because he knows it will cost money.
What reason does Ethan give for not driving Zeena to the station? He has to pick up lumber and money from Hale.
Why did Ethan and Zeena remain in Starkfield after their marriage? Can’t sell the farm, Zeena prefers a place where people do not look down at her.
Why does Ethan find it difficult to ask Mr. Hale for a cash advance? Too prideful.
What happens to spoil Ethan and Mattie’s night together? The cat breaks the pickle dish.
What does Ethan discover when he returns from town with the glue? Zeena is home.
What does Ethan learn from Zeena? She is very sick; has “complications”; might need surgery.
How does Ethan react to Zeena’s ultimatum? With vehemence; almost punches her/ lunges towards her.
How does Mattie first learn that she is being sent away? From Ethan.
How does Zeena discover the broken pickle dish? She finds it in the place she usually hides her stomach powders.
What does Ethan do after the women have fallen asleep? Begins writing a letter to Zeena explaining their escape.
What does Ethan consider doing to get the money for passage west? Borrowing from Hale, saying it is for Zeena’s illness.
Why does Ethan set out early to take Mattie to the station? He wants to spend more time with Mattie/ coasting.
How does Ethan learn for certain that Mattie loves him? She tells him and talks about running away with him.
How does Mattie feel after the couple’s confession of love? She is relieved as well as saddened by the impossibility of the situation.
Why does Ethan agree to take Mattie down the hill a second time? They plan to crash together.
What happens to Ethan as a result of the accident? He is crippled, walks with a limp, and has a scar on his forehead.
How does Zeena behave after the “smash-up”? She becomes the caretaker for Ethan and Mattie.
Why does Mrs. Hale think Ethan would have fared better if Mattie had died? It would be better than living forever with both Zeena and Mattie.
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