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Act V, Scene 2

While on his voyage to England, what does Hamlet steal from Rosencrantz? The sealed document
What did the documents say? Hamlet's head was to be cut off
What did Hamlet do about R&G's commission? Hamlet kept the original and wrote out new orders saying put the bearers of this commission to death without delay
How did Hamlet seal the papers? Hamlet happened to have his father's signet -- identical to the King's -- in his pouch
What happens to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? They go to their deaths.
Name 4 ways Claudius has hurt Hamlet. He killed the king, debauched Gertrude, took the throne, and tried to kill Hamlet
How does Hamlet 'play' with Osric? Hamlet keeps demanding Osric put his hat on
What message does Osric deliver to Hamlet? The King wagers that Hamlet can beat Laertes in a fencing match (out of 12 bouts, Laertes says he can win 9 out of 12)
What does the King wager? 6 Barbary horses
What does Laertes wager? 6 French rapiers and daggers and accessories
Does Hamlet accept the challenge? Yes
Soon after Osric leaves, another Lord comes to Hamlet with another message from Claudius. What is the message? Are you ready to compete with Laertes now?
Before fencing, what instructions does Gertrude give Hamlet? Hamlet should be courteous to Laertes
Does Hamlet find his mother's instructions agreeable? Yes
Why does Hamlet think he will win the fencing wager? Since Laertes went to France, Hamlet has practiced daily
When Hamlet admits to feeling uneasy about the fencing match, what does Horatio suggest? Horatio wants to tell everyone that Hamlet is ill
How does Hamlet respond when Horatio suggested cancelling the match? No--no one knows when a person's time to die it.
Hamlet apologizes to Laertes. What does Hamlet blame his bad behaviors? His insanity--or madness
How does Laertes respond to Hamlet's apology? In the natural -- yes. In respect to his honor--Laertes reserves judgment
What does the King put in Hamlet's cup? A pearl more valuable than that worn by the 4 previous kings.
Who makes the first hit? Hamlet
When the King offers the poisoned drink to Hamlet, how does Hamlet respond? No--he'll play longers
Who drinks from Hamlet's poisoned drink? Gertrude
Who warns Gertrude not to drink from the poisoned cup? Claudius
Who is wounded first? Hamlet
How does Laertes get wounded? In their scuffle, Hamlet and Laertes exchange rapiers
What does Laertes mean when he says he's "like a bird caught in his own trap?" Laertes is killed by the poison on the tip of his own sword
Who tells Hamlet that Gertrude has been poisoned by the drink? Laertes
How does Claudius die? Hamlet stabs the King and forces him to drink poison too.
What does Laertes ask of Hamlet before he dies? Exchange forgiveness. Laertes and his father's sins not be blamed on Hamlet. Hamlet's not be blamed on Laertes
Why does Horatio NOT drink poison and join Hamlet? So he can tell the truth about Hamlet
Who does Hamlet support as the next King of Denmark? Fortinbras
What news comes from the Ambassador from England? Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead
What does Hamlet ask of Fortinbras to be allowed to do? To explain how all the recent events took place
How does Fortinbras treat Hamlet in his death? As a true and loyal soldier
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