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Act V, Scene 1

For whom are the grave diggers preparing a grave? Ophelia
Why do the grave diggers wonder about the woman's Christian burial? Ophelia had committed suicide
Considering the circumstances, if Ophelia had not been a gentlewoman would she have had a Christian burial? No
Answer the grave digger's riddle: What is he that builds stronger than the mason, shipwright, or carpenter? A grave-maker. His houses last until doomsday
Why does Hamlet think the grave digger has no sensitivity about his job? The grave digger sings while working
While digging what does the digger's shovel hit that he tosses to the surface? A skull
What does Hamlet realize happens to all people no matter their status? Everyone dies and decomposes
When Hamlet asks the gravedigger whose grave he's digging, how does he respond? It's mine
Because Hamlet has to question the grave digger so much before getting an answer, what might this indicate about the grave digger? The grave digger is not very smart
How long has the man been a grave digger? Since King Hamlet defeated Fortinbras
Hamlet asks how long ago King Hamlet defeated Fortinbras. How does the grave digger respond? It was the day young Hamlet was born--30 years ago
Why, according to the grave digger, was Hamlet sent to England? Because he's mad
How long does a man lay in the ground before he rots? 8-9 years
The grave digger shows Hamlet the skull of a man Hamlet knew. Who was it? Yorick, the King's jester
Why does the Priest tell Laertes that "no more can be done" at the funeral? Because the cause of Ophelia's death is questionable and might be suicide
During Scene 1 does Hamlet know that Ophelia was dead? No
What had the Queen hoped for Ophelia? That she would have married Hamlet
Who does Hamlet fight at the grave site? Laertes
Where is Hamlet when he fights at the cemetery? In Ophelia's grave
Does Hamlet realize why Laertes is treating him hatefully? No--Hamlet says he's always liked Laertes
Created by: pegteacher
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