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Professional Arts V

Professional Arts Vocabulary

Color a quality such as red, blue, green, yellow, etc., that you see when you look at something
Primary Colors one of the three colors red, yellow, or blue which can be mixed together to make other colors
Secondary Colors a color (such as green, orange, or purple) that is formed by mixing two primary colors
Composition the way in which something is put together or arranged : the combination of parts or elements that make up something
Content pleased and satisfied : not needing more
Line a long narrow mark on a surface
Shape to give a particular form or shape to (something) : to work with (a material) in order to make something from it
Media a voiced stop
Mood a conscious state of mind or predominant emotion : feeling; also : the expression of mood especially in art or literature
Pattern a repeated form or design especially that is used to decorate something
Style a particular way in which something is done, created, or performed
Composer a person who writes music
Dynamics a branch of mechanics that deals with forces and their relation primarily to the motion but sometimes also to the equilibrium of bodies
Form a type or kind of something
Harmony the combination of different musical notes played or sung at the same time to produce a pleasing sound
Measure an amount or degree of something
Melody : a pleasing series of musical notes that form the main part of a song or piece of music : a song or tune
Meter a : systematically arranged and measured rhythm in verse
Notation a system of marks, signs, figures, or characters that is used to represent information
Pitch Tones in music
Rhythm a regular, repeated pattern of sounds or movements
Tempo the speed at which a musical piece is played or sung
Timbre the quality of the sound made by a particular voice or musical instrument
Multimedia Arts using or involving several forms of communication or expression
Performance Arts a type of art that is created in front of or presented to an audience by the artist
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