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Chapter 10 networkin

Which of the following are needed for e-mail clients to find their e-mail servers, FTP clients to find their file servers, and Web browsers to find Web servers? B) DNS servers
What do DNS servers use to help resolve IP addresses to DNS names? D) Reverse lookup zones
What do DNS servers use to help resolve DNS names to IP addresses? D) Forward lookup zones
What type of DNS servers do not have any forward lookup zones and will resolve names of systems on the Internet for a network but are not responsible for telling other DNS servers the names of any clients? A) Cache-only servers
What command gives you the IP address and the name of your system’s default DNS server? B) nslookup
What file can be replaced when a network has a WINS server? B) LMHOSTS
What file can be replaced when a network has a DNS server? A) HOSTS
What does adding a WINS proxy agent enable you to accomplish on your network? D) Cross a router
Folders with subfolders on a system, like domain names with subdomains, are said to have a structure resembling what? C) Root
Which of the following commands clears the local cache of DNS entries? C) ipconfig /flushdns
Which variation of the nbtstat command checks the current NetBIOS name cache? B) nbtstat –c
Which of these terms are frequently used interchangeably? E) Answers A and C A) Domain C) Subdomain
Which of the following are valid DNS record entry types? E) Answers A, C, and D A) A C) NS D) SOA
Which of the following is an example of a toplevel domain? A) .com
How do authoritative DNS servers and cacheonly DNS servers differ? B) Authoritative DNS servers store IP addresses and FQDNs of systems for a particular domain or domains whereas cache-only DNS servers do not store any FQDNs because they are only used to talk to other DNS servers to resolve IP addresses.
What do netstat and netstat -s do? Netstat shows all the current connections on your system. Netstat -s displays useful statistical information.
DNS is a Hierarchical naming system for computers on a network. A DNS server resolves FQDNs to Ip addresses.
Name Resolution can be----- accomplished through broadcasting by consulting the local hosts file or by contacting a DNS server.
Top level domains handles what are known as the top-level domain names. Like .com, .net, gov, etc.
Second level DNS servers handles the millions of names like totalsem.com and whitehouse.gov.
Within a simply network usually has one DNS server for the entire network. It has a single zone that list all the host names on the domain and their corresponding Ip addresses. Authoritative DNS server or SOA
The ____ command is used to establish connectivity. Ping
Created by: Matthew28