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Determine the way data is displayed

A set of files that Linux uses to determine country and language -specific settings for various applications locale
locales use configuration files that are part of the system library in: /urs/share/locale
Specifies the computer use US English with a UTF-8 encoding when displaying information LANG=en_US.UTF-8
Implements the locale code Environment variables
Environment variable: Defines all locale settings at one, while allowing further customization via the LC_* setting LANG
Environment variable: Defines the character handling properties - determines whether characters are recognized as alphabetical, numeric LC_CTYPE
Environment variable: Specifies Localizations for applications that use a message-based localization scheme LC_MESSAGES
Environment variable: Defines alphabetical ordering of strings, such as the output of sorted directory listings LC_COLLATE
Environment variable: Determines formatting for numeric values that are not monetary. It affects things such the thousands separator and the decimal separator LC_NUMERIC
Environment variable: Defines currency units and formatting of currency types and numeric values LC_MONETARY
Environment variable: Defines formatting for dates and time LC_TIME
Environment variable: Defines the default paper size LC_PAPER
Environment variable: Specifies the personal name format. This includes thing like whether the surname comes first or last LC_NAME
Environment variable: Is used for addressing formatting LC_ADDRESS
Environment variable: Defines telephone number formatting LC_TELEPHONE
Environment variable: Determines what measurement units are used LC_MEASUEMENT
Environment variable: Is used as an override for LC_MESSAGES LANGUAGE
Environment variable: Is a special variable for overriding all other settings. IT sets all locales to the same setting LC_ALL
Locales: use language codes specified in: ISO-639
Locales: use county codes specified in: ISO-3166
Meaning of en_US.UTF-8 Language_Territory_Code-set-Modifier
Command to display the current locale setting for the computer locale
Locale Option: Display the character encoding locale charmap
locale Options: list all locales locale -a
locale Options: List all installed character encoding options locale -m
Convert encoding from one encoding type to another iconv
iconv Options: Specifies the OLD encoding type iconv -f
iconv Options:Specifies the NEW encoding type iconv -t
iconv Options: Specifies the input and output file iconv -o
iconv Example: Change encoding type iconv -f scr_enc -t dest_enc -o out_file in_file
Created by: johnadream