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Humanities/ Julius Caesar

Explain the meaning of Napoleon's statement that the story of the world. The Roman Republic & Empire have largely influenced the world's ideas about government, society, and more
The narrator mentions that Roman "supertankers" plied the Mediterranean, but their cargos were not petroleum. What did early trading ships carry? grain
What motivated Livy to write history of early Rome? His hope to reform the decadence of his own time
When Romulus and Remus argued over who should be king, how was the question pursued? The augurs (priests) were consulted (officials who observed and interpreted omens for guidance in public affairs)
What do the initials SPQR stand for? Senate and the People of Rome (Senatus Populusque Romanus)
Why did George Washington regard Cincinnatus as a role model? Cincinnatus gave up his power voluntarily
Where is Carthage? South Africa
How was Sulla able to "cash in" on the loyalty of his troops? Persuading them to follow his orders rather than obey the senate
What physical description is given Julius Caesar? He had soft, white skin, had headaches and was clean shaven, slightly built, balding
Who was the first emperor of Rome? Augustus
What is the symbolism of crossing the Rubicon? Inability to reverse course (no turning back)
Why did Rome's leaders suspend further conquest and pursue a policy of stabilization in the third century AD? empire was growing too large and becoming ungovernable
What name did the Romans give to any people without a written language? barbarians
One historian compares which elected position under the position under the republic to the office of president of the United States? consul
What often happened when soldiers who had served abroad for years returned home to their farms? They found their land appropriated by powerful estate owners who used slaves to do work
How did Caesar win the affection of the Roman people? His reputation as a victorious general along with public games and gifts
What request did Caesar make of the Senate? to be dictator for life
How did Caligula insult the Senate? he named his horse as consul
According to the narration, what was the main reason Nero persecuted Christians? He needed a scapegoat to defeat his own unpopularity and take blame for the fire that destroyed much of the city
What is the difference between monarchy and republic? monarchy- king in power republic- elected leaders & people
How many patricians are in a senate? 300 patricians
How many consuls are in a senate? 2 consuls
Who are the people of Rome? Assembly of Centuries and Assembly of Tribes
families descended from original senators Patricians
The larger group of "independent, underprivileged, and vulnerable men", as well as non-patrician large landowners, less wealthy landowners, artisans, merchants, and small farmers. Plebeians
Religious officials who interpreted auspices (signs or warning that the gods gave to men) before every important act/ decision of the State. Augurs
The family was the basis of Roman society; it was a small state within the Roman state. Paterfamilias
Wealthy patricians who gave protection and legal assistance to clients (plebeians) in return for services such as field labor, military assistance, and especially important in the Republic, votes in the assemblies Patrons
Poorer class of plebeians who did not have the means to protect themselves or their families without assistance of a patron. Clients
Created by: VickieJ10
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