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BW; Ch 11-12

Basic Word; Chapters 11-12; Votaw

Click the Pictures button on the INSERT tab and this dialog box displays. Insert Picture dialog box
With options in the Layout dialog box with this tab selected, you can specify horizontal and vertical layout options. Position tab
The Layout dialog box contains three tabs: Position, Size, and this. Text Wrapping
Click this group task pane launcher on the PICTURE TOOLS FORMAT tab to display the Format Picture task pane. Picture Styles group task pane launcher
If you want to edit individual components of a clip art image, you must first do this to the image. ungroup
To represent hierarchical data visually, consider creating this with the SmartArt feature. Organizational Chart
To capture a portion of a screen, click the Screenshot button in the Illustrations group on the INSERT tab and then click this option at the drop-down list. Screen clipping
To draw a straight horizontal or vertical line, hold down this key while dragging in the document. Shift key
To copy a selected shape, hold down this key while dragging the shape. Ctrl key
Select multiple shapes by holding down the Ctrl key or this key while clicking the shapes. Shift key
Modify a shape by dragging these points. Edit Points
Display available predesigned pull quote text boxes by clicking the INSERT tab and then clicking this button in the Text group. Text Box button
This term refers to a combination of characters joined into a single letter. ligature
Use this option at the Font dialog box with the Advanced tab selected to specify if numbers should be the same height or extend above or below the baseline. Number forms options
On the Insert Pictures button, you insert pictures from... your jump drive/hard drive
In the Online Pictures button, you insert pictures from... Bing image search (Clipart)
If I want to resize an image proportionally, what do I use? The corner handles which resize height & width.
To move any object on a page, you must first choose a... Text Wrapping
On the Position tab, you can anchor an object and ... the object will stay in that spot on the page
On the Position tab, you can anchor an object to a paragraph and... the object will move along with the paragraph
When you ungroup an image, it allows you to... customize each part of the picture
True or False: Using Align Top will align the image at the top margin. False, it aligns it to the image.
I want part of my quote to appear in one text box, and part to appear in the other box and to adjust as I resize, what do I do to those? Create a Link
____ takes text and makes it into a graphic object. WordArt
What is the purpose of adding objects to a document? For visual appeal
___ an image removes any unnecessary parts of the image and allows you to eliminate portions of an object, but does not resize it. Cropping
To size an image by just ___, use the top & bottom middle handles. height
To size an image by just ___, use the left and right middle handles. width
To size an image _____, which means height & width, use any corner handle. proportionally
You can move an image by: the Position button, dragging it with the mouse after selecting a Wrap Text option, or by using arrow keys.
The purpose of a green circle/semi-circle is to __ the image. rotate
The purpose of a yellow diamond is to __ the image. slant
To create a watermark, you: 1.) resize it to fit the page 2.) Behind Text for Wrap Text 3.) Washout feature in the Color section
A __ __ is a quote that is "pulled" from an article and is enlarged, and displays in a strategic or attractive location on the page. pull quote
The purpose of a SmartArt design is to: present list of data, show processes/cycles/relationships, and present data in matrixes/pyramids.
The different types of SmartArt diagrams are: (9) List, Process, Cycle, Hierarchy, Relationship, Matrix, Pyramid, Picture, and Office.com
A ___ is used to capture the contents of a screen as an image or to capture a specific part of the screen as an image. screenshot
A __ __ is used to make a screenshot of a specific portion of the screen. screen clipping
A __ __ allows you to do dialog boxes. Print screen
If you choose a shape in the Lines section of the Shapes button drop-down list, the shape you draw is considered a __ __. Line drawing
If you choose an option in one of the other sections of the drop-down list, the shape you draw is considered an __ __. enclosed shape
The purpose of linking text boxes is to... allow text to flow from one text box to another.
If you break the link between text boxes... all of the text is placed in the selected text box.
To select multiple objects, hold down the __ or __ key. Ctrl or Shift
If you move/resize/fill one of the multiple objects selected.... all the other objects apply the same change
Created by: ibenoit95