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CIT233 Final Stack

Final Study Stack for CIT233

Child Domain Domains that have the same second-level and top-level domain names as the parent domain in the same tree and forest
Domain The core structural unit of Active Directory; contains OUs and represents administrative, security, and policy boundaries.
Domain Functional levels Properties of domains that determine which features of Active Directory have domain-wide implications and which server OSs are supported on domain controllers.
External Trust A one-way or two-way non transitive trust between two domains that aren't in the same forest.
Flexible Single Master Operation(FSMO) Specialized domain controller tasks that handle operations that can effect the entire domain or forest. Only one domain controller can be assigned a particular FSMO.
Forest A collection of one or more Active Directory Trees. It can consist of a single tree with as single domain, or it can contain several trees, each with a hierarchy of parent and child domains.
Forest Functional Level A property of a fores that determines which features of active directory have forest-wide implications and which server OSs are supported on domain controllers.
Forest root domain The first domain created in a new forest.
forest trust A trust that provides a one-way or two-way transitive trust between forests, which enables security principals in one forest to access resources in any domain in another forest.
forest-wide authentication a property of a forest trust for granting users in a trusted fores access to the trusting forest.
global catalog(GC) A partial replica of all objects in the forest. It contains the most commonly accessed objects attributes and universal group membership information.
Intersite replications Active directory replication that occurs between sites.
Intrasite Replication Active directory replication between domain controllers in the same site.
Created by: lane458