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Chapter 9 Networking

What port number is the well-known port used by Web servers to distribute Web pages to Web browsers? D) Port 80
What protocol handles large file transfers between Internet users? A) FTP
How can you tell that a secure Web page transaction is taking place? A) The URL in the address bar starts with Https
Jane has been tasked to find and implement an application that will enable her boss to log into and control a server remotely and securely. Which of the following applications would work best? D) SSH
How do Web pages get created on the Internet? C) By publishing them
Which of the following Microsoft operating systems limit Web site access from other systems when using Internet Information Services software? (Select three.) E) Answers A, B, and C A) Windows XP B) Windows Vista C) Windows 7
Which of the following are names of Web server software? E) Answers A and C A) Apache C) IIS
Which of the following are names of Internet browser software? E) Answers B and C B) Internet Explorer C) Firefox
Which of the following items does the S in HTTPS represent? B) Secure Sockets Layer
When using Windows, which command will show all used ports and the IP addresses using them? C) netstat –an
What is the main difference between TCP and UDP? E) Answers A and C A) TCP is connection-oriented, whereas UDP is connectionless. C) TCP sessions can be encrypted, whereas UDP sessions cannot.
Which connectionless protocol handles mundane chores like disconnect messages? C) ICMP
Which of the following provide Web services? E) Answers A, B, and C A) Apache B) IIS C) GWS
Which Linux/UNIX utility enables you to connect to a server automatically and run commands without entering a user name and password every time? B) rlogin
What should you do if you are having difficulty transferring files with your FTP client when your router supports NAT? B) Configure your FTP client to use passive FTP.
The Tcp port number ranging from 0-1023 are called the --------- well-known port numbers
The Tcp port numbers ranging from 1024-49151 are called ------ The registered ports
The protocol used to transmit large files over the web using both ports 20 and 21 is called ------- File transfer protocal(FTP) Port 20/21 on active and 21 on passive.
The protocol that is not as popular as pop3 for receiving e-mail is----------- Imap4(internet message access protocal version 4) Port 143
Port 23 is used by -------- to emulate terminals on TCP/ip networks Telnet on port 23
When you send out an e-mail message it uses SMTP on Port 25
The quickest way to send information about an upcoming meeting to a few co-workers would be to send a---------- Probably instant messaging.
The --------- utility can be used to view the endpoints of our computer's secession's. netstat -a
Telnet has largely been replaced by ----- SSH Port 22
Tcp is ------- in that it requires computers to acknowledge each other, whereas UDP is -----in that it provides no guarantee packets were successfully recieved 1. Connection-oriented 2. Connectionless
Http(Hypertext transfer protocal) port number is port 443
A socket that is prepared to respond to any ip packets destined for that socket's port number is called an ------ and you can find them by using -----. Open port or listening port netstat -an
connection data stored on a single computer ----. Socket or endpoint
Terms for connection data stored on two computers about the same connection-------. socket pairs or endpoints.
A connection oriented session starting.... 1. Client sends syn to server, 2. Server sends syn, ack back to client and 3. Client sends ack back to server.
A connection oriented session ending ....1. Server sending a fin, ack to client, 2. client sends ack to server, 3. client sends fin, ack to server, 4. Server sends Ack to client.
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