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Chapter 21 Terms

PC Maintenance

PostScript printing language from adobe
Bitmap a bunch of bit and rows
Raster Line also called a bit map
PCL Printer Control Language
GDI Graphic DEvice Interface
XPS XML Paper Specifications
Raw Data the printer can print without any processing
Laser PRinter can be used for personal or business use
Imaging Drum electronically charged rotating drums
Transfer Roller part of the transfer process
RET resolution enhancement technology
Fuser ASsembly uses heat and pressure to fuse the toner
Transfer Belt how transferring is done
Pickup Roller pushes forward the paper
Speration Pad keeps the excess paper from getting sucked in
Duplex Printer can print on both sides
Duplexing Assembly how the paper is printed on both sides
Inkjet Printer a type of ink dispersion printing
Print head an injet printer uses one of these
Ink Cartridges holds different color cartridges
Impact Printer prints by hitting the paper
Tractor Feed used in impact printers
Impact Paper used in impact printers
Thermal Printers for recipt printing
direct thermal printer burns dots into special paper
thermal paper special paper used in thermal printers
Thermal Transfer Printer uses wax based ink
Local Printer connects directly to the computer
Network Printer uses the network connection to manage print jobs
Devices and Printers Window a windows utility used to manage printers
Printer Window manages printers in windows vista
Printers and Faxes Window manages printers in XP
XPS Document Writer similar to a .pdf file
SPP Standard Parallel Port
EPP Enhanced Parallel Port
ECP Extended Capabilities Port
IEEE 1284 epp and ecp specifications
LPT Line Printer Terminal
Print Spooler the print queue
Spooling Also called the print queue
Calibration inkjet printers require calibrations
Printer Maintenance Kit a kit that high end printer has in it to help with the maintainence
Print Management manages the print jobs in windows
Printer self-Test Page a page printed directly from the printer
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