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Block Letter/Spacing

Block Letter & Spacing Review

QS means quadruple space
TS means triple space
SS means single space
DS means double space
reference initials are typed in ____________ case letters lower
the part of the letter that indicates who the letter is going to is the address
Dear Mr. Jones is an example of a salutation
Sincerely is an example of a complimentary close
_______ space between paragraphs double
___________space after the date quadruple
use ____ inch margins for a long letter one
use ___ inch margins for a short letter two
space ____ after periods within an abbreviation none
there are _____ blank lines in double spaced copy one
there are _____ blank lines in quadruple spaced copy three
add the word ___________ to the bottom of the letter when something is being sent with the letter enclosure
add _____________ initials to the letter when you are typing the letter for someone else reference
use _____ inch margins for a medium length letter 1.5 or 1.25
using a colon after the salutation is using __________ punctuation mixed
triple spaced copy has _____ blank lines two
SS means single space
Mr. and Mrs. and Ms. are examples of courtesy titles
using no punctuation after the salutation is using __________ punctuation open
never use a _________ name in a salutation first
_______space after the address to type the salutation double
_______ space after the complimentary close to type the writer's name quadruple
_______ space after the writer's name to type the reference initials double
there are _______ spaces after a state abbreviation before typing the zip code two
always type the state abbreviations in caps
the option to add symbols is in the ______ tab of the ribbon insert
common font sizes for letters are 10 pt. 11 pt., and _____ pt. 12
the most common font size for letters is ___ pt. 12
change margins under the _____ tab in MS Word page layout
Add date and time under the _____ tab in MS Word insert
subject lines are typed in all caps
all lines of a block letter start at the _____ margin left
A thank you letter is an example expressing goodwill
_________ space after the writer's name to type reference initials double
Always spell out the _________ for the date of the letter month
Created by: DeborahCrenshaw