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Chapter 8 networking

How many IP addresses should a router have? Two or more
Choose the Cisco Systems proprietary routing protocols from the following items. Answers B and C.... B is EIGRP and C is IGRP
If specialty accounting software being used at your company requires that packet headers remain unchanged, which item cannot be used on your network? NAT
How does a router use a routing table to determine over which path to send a packet? D) After examining all rows in the routing table, the router sends the packet along the path with the lowest metric.
Which version of NAT maps a single routable IP address to a single network node? Static NAT
What technology enables you to designate a specific local address for various network services? C) Port forwarding
How is the distance between routers measured? B) In hops
Distance vector routing protocols include which of the following? Answers A and C A) RIP C) BGP
Which of the following are benefits of RIPv2 over RIPv1? Answers B and C B) Support for authentication C) Support for VLSM
What is one way in which Autonomous Systems differ from typical Ethernet networks? D)They do not use IP addresses.
Why are link state protocols more efficient than RIP? They forward only changes to individual routes instead of forwarding entire routing tables.
What happens when you first connect and turn on an OSPF router? It floods the network with Hello packets as it looks for other OSPF routers.
Which of the following is a valid Area ID for an Area 0 backbone? B)
How can you connect directly to a router for configuration purposes? E) Answers B, C, and D B) USB cable C) Crossover cable D) Rollover cable
Once you have made a physical direct connection to a router, what utility/program can you use to issue commands and instructions? E) Answers A, B, and D A) PuTTY B) HyperTerminal D) Internet Explorer
The most common form of Nat that handles a one-to many connection, using port numbers to map traffic from specific machines in the network. PAT
Can share a pool of routable IP addresses with multiple computers. Dynamic NAT
Routing Metrics -Determining A metric 1. Maximum transmission units-determining the largest frames a technology can handle. ==== 2. Cost-Some connections cost more than others. ==== 3. Bandwidth-Some connections handle more data than others. ==== 4. Latency-stuff that slow the n
------Routing protocals calculate the total cost to get to a particular network id and compare that cost to the total cost of all other routes to get to that same network id. Distance Vector
A ---- is any piece of hardware that forwards packets based on their destination ip address. Router
Destination Lan IP Destination Lan IP A defined network Id. Every network id directly connected to one of the router's ports is always listed here.
To define a network Id, you need a subnet mask Subnet mask
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