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Act IV, Scene 7

What does Laertes find out that vindicates Claudius so the two can now be friends? The person who killed Polonius also pursued the King's life
Why didn't Claudius punish Hamlet for his malefactions? Gertrude dotes on Hamlet and Claudius loves her and the Common People love Hamlet
Does the King agree that Laertes shall have his revenge? Yes
Who does the messenger bring letters to Claudius from? Hamlet
Where does Hamlet's letter say he is? Back in the kingdom--Denmark
The note that Claudius reads is in whose handwriting? Hamlet's handwriting
The King asks Laertes to take his advice. Does he? Yes, as long as the King doesn't ask Laertes to make peace with Hamlet
Who is the young man from Normandy who rides horseback very well? Lamond
Lamond reported that Laertes is a master swordsman. How did Hamlet react to the report? With envy--Hamlet wants to challenge Laertes to a sword fight
Why does Claudius ask Laertes if Laertes loved his father? Claudius wants to know what Laertes would undertake to show his loyalty to Poloniuw
To where does Claudius ask Laertes to stay close? To his chamber
Eventually what will the King set up between Hamlet and Laertes? A sword fight
How will Laertes cheat during the sword fight? Laertes will choose a sword without a button on the tip
What king of poison will Laertes add on the sword tip? A poison so lethal that it will kill a person if blood is drawn--even from a scratch
As a further backup plan, what does Claudius suggest? Claudius will poison the wine that Hamlet will drink when he gets thirsty
What news of Ophelia does Gertrude bring Laertes? Ophelia has drown
How did Ophelia drown? As Ophelia was hanging some flower wreaths on a limb, the limb broke, and Ophelia fell to the brook. Her garments pulled her down.
Why does Claudius want Gertrude to follow Laertes? Claudius says he's worked hard to calm Laertes and now Claudius feels it will start again
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