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LP 13.1_Hardware_1_chapter 20

What do most modern digital cameras use for film? SD cards
How fast does a Hi-Speed USB device run? 480 Mbps
Which chip converts serial data to parallel data? UART
What can be used to create a digital copy of an existing photo, document, or drawing? Scanner
What device allows multiple computers to be viewed and controlled by a single mouse, keyboard, and screen? KVM switch
How fast does a Low-Speed USB device run? 1.5 Mbps
Which standard defines everything about serial ports? RS-232
What do most digital cameras plug into? USB Port
In a USB connection, what connects to the host controller? Root hub
What type of pen or hand device reads UPC code and connects to either a PS/2 or USB port? Bar Code reader
What's the maximum length of a FireWire cable? 4.5 meters
What is IEEE 1394? FireWire
How fast is IEEE 1394a? 400 Mbps
How many USB devices are supported by one host controller? 127
Which USB ports are typically used to interface with the PC? A
What kind of connector does a legacy serial port use? 9-pin DB
How fast does a Full-Speed USB device run? 12Mbps
Which was the first widely adopted USB standard? 1.1
How many devices are supported by FireWire? 63
FireWire has been replaced in practice by all of the following EXCEPT: Serial
How many pins does a FireWire connector have? 6
What technology is commonly used in kiosks and with PDAs and tablet PCs that don't require a mouse or keyboard? Touchscreen
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