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DM_Removable Media

LP 11_Hardware 1 _Chapter 13

ATAPI CD-ROMs have regular ____ PATA (IDE) connectors and master/slave jumpers. 40-pin
You may need to change the ____ in CMOS to install a new OS from the installation media. Boot order
Be sure to orient the colored stripe on the side of the floppy cable to ____ on the motherboard floppy controller. pin 1
Which tool comes built-in with Windows Vista/7 and allows you to create video DVDs? Windows DVD Maker
Which of the following would prove more damaging to a CD-RW?
CD-ROM drives use a ____ and mirrors to read the data off a CD-ROM. laser
The inability of the source device to keep up with the burner is known as _____. buffer underrun
Which of the following is a complete copy of a CD that can be burned to another CD to make a duplicate? ISO file
Which of the following is the fastest external optical drive interface? eSATA
What can be used to read different USB cards? Card reader
How much data can the highest capacity Blu-ray Disc store? 50 GB
If the floppy drive is installed on the middle connector, which drive letter is it assigned? B:
DVD-ROM is the DVD-equivalent of the standard ____ data format. CD-ROM
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