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DM_Video & Monitors

LP 12_Hardware 1 _Chapter 19

What do LCD monitors use to provide brightness for the monitor? Cold cathode fluorescent lamp
What do 3-D game programs use to send standard video commands to the device driver? APIs
What is thin film transistor (TFT) also known as? Active matrix
Which LCD components are powered by a high-voltage electrical circuit that can give you a nasty shock? Inverters
What fast expansion card standard has replaced PCI and AGP? PCIe
What is the property by which phosphors continue to glow after being struck by an electron beam? Persistence
What unit measures the brightness of a monitor? Nits
What term describes any single combination of resolution and color depth you can set for your system? Mode
Which of the following is not applicable for LCDs? They flicker a lot.
When the red, green, and blue colors meet at a single point on a display, the colors combine. What will be seen at this point? Single white dot
Which of the following displays use analog signals instead of digital ones? CRT
What term identifies how many colors can be displayed on a screen? Color depth
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