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DM_Practice Test 1

Hardware_1 practice test 1

A PC doesn't work. What should you check first? Ensure AC plug is plugged in.
A ____ is a circle where data is stored on a drive. track
A sound wave has three primary characteristics. The first two are amplitude and frequency. What's the last one? Timbre
A surge suppressor should be rated at a minimum of ____ joules. 800
ATA/66, ATA/100, and ATA/133 require a ____ cable? 80-wire
ATAPI CD-ROMs have regular ____ PATA (IDE) connectors and master/slave jumpers. 40-Pin
ATX motherboards use a feature called ____ that allows software to turn the power on and off. softpower
All modern CD-R drives allow you to burn additional data onto a CD-R disc until the disc is full. What are these drives called? Multisession drives
All of the following are characteristics of an integrated GPU EXCEPT: uses more power
All of the following are common hard drive speeds EXCEPT: 9600
As of today, what is the fastest, most popular expansion bus in use? PCIe
Be sure to orient the colored stripe on the side of the floppy cable to ____ on the motherboard floppy controller. pin 1
Because CPU makers can't make the processors run much quicker, they are instead doing what? Combining multiple CPUs on a single chip
CD-ROM drives use a ____ and mirrors to read the data off a CD-ROM. laser
CPUs typically run faster than the clock. What do they use to do this? Multipliers
Chipsets that support a feature called triple-channel memory usually support which type of memory? DDR3
Combining many CPUs) into a single chip is called: Multicore processing
Conventionally, if there is only one floppy drive, which drive letter should it be assigned? A:
DVD-ROM is the DVD-equivalent of the standard ____ data format. CD-ROM
Electrical surges and ESD can cause ____ failure. component
Every device soldered to the motherboard is designed to run at the speed of which component? clock speed
Examples of biometric identifiers include all of the following EXCEPT: Personal Identification Number (PIN)
Expansion bays must be covered by the ____ to maintain proper airflow inside the case. slot cover
FireWire has been replaced in practice by all of the following EXCEPT: Serial
How fast does a Full-Speed USB device run? 12 Mbps
How fast does a Hi-Speed USB device run? 480 Mbps
How fast does a Low-Speed USB device run? 1.5 Mbps
How fast is IEEE 1394a? 400 Mbps
How fast is IEEE 1394b? 800 Mbps
How is hard drive spindle speed measured? Revolutions per minute (RPM)
How many ATA devices can be connected to most PCs? Four
How many USB devices are supported by one host controller? 127
How many bits make up a byte? 8
How many channels of sound is the Dolby Digital sound standard designed to support? Five
How many clock cycles does the CPU require to act on a command? At least two
How many devices are supported by FireWire? 63
How many drives can be supported with ATA-2 (sometimes called EIDE)? Four
How many pins are in a DDR3 DIMM? 240
How many pins are on a VGA connector? 15
How many wires does the SATA interface have? Seven
How much data can the highest capacity Blu-ray Disc store? 50 GB
If Windows generates parity errors with the same addresses, the ____ is probably at fault. BIOS processor power supply RAM
In SDRAM, what does the S represent? Synchronous
In a USB connection, what connects to the host controller? Root hub
In which component does all of the processing and storage take place? System unit
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