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fdisk, parted

Partition Management

A logical division of a storage device Partition
Interactive utility that requires values and decisions to create partitons fdisk
Syntax for fdisk fdisk device_name
fdisk Hexadecimal code for a SWAP partition 0x82
fdisk Hexadecimal code for a LINUX standard partition 0x83
fdisk Hexadecimal code for a EXTENDED partition 0x85
fdisk Hexadecimal code for a LOGICAL partition 0x8e
fdisk Utility Options: List the partition TYPE supported fdisk -l
fdisk Utility Options: Open the HELP m
fdisk Utility Options: Create a new partition n - p = Primary, e = extended, l = logical
fdisk Utility Options: Display the partition TABLE for the device - without applying changes p
fdisk Utility Options:WRITE (save) the partition table and EXIT the fdisk utility w
fdisk Utility Options: DELETE a partion d
fdisk Utility Options: Change the partition TYPE t Enter82 to change to a swap partition
fdisk utility prompt from command line fdisk
List the current partition configuration on the system fdisk -l
Requests the OS kernel to re-read the partition and recognize the table changes partprobe
Not limited to only 4 partitions (like fdisk) instead up 128 disk partitions parted
Each parted partition can exceed 2 terabytes
parted interactive command prompt enter: parted
Interactive parted commands: Select a device select /dev/sdb
Interactive parted commands: label mklabel gpt y enter
Interactive parted commands:Create a primary 5 GB partition on /dev/sdb mkpart primary 1 5000
Interactive parted commands: Specify a file system y enter ext3 print
Interactive parted commands: Resize partition 1 to 6000 GB resize 1 6000 print
Interactive parted commands: Quit the parted utility q
Can handle large disks and files - considered one of the best modern filesystem Btrfs
Btrfs Enterprise Features: Add space as needed (scalable) Pooling
Btrfs Enterprise Features: point-in-time pictures as disk blocks in the b-tree file system Snapshots
Btrfs Enterprise Features: data blocks and metadata entries that have their own ---- for max filesystem integrity Checksums
Btrfs Feature: copy-on-write B-tree Better performance as file system grows Designed to be an enterprise-class scalable filesystem
Created by: johnadream