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Psy Beam Attack

Interpretation of Memes

Used "free association" Freud
Id, ego, super-ego Freud
The Interpretation of Dreams Freud
The Psychopathology of Everyday Life Freud
Analytical psychology Jung
Collective unconscious Jung
Anima, animus, introversion, extroversion, archetypes Jung
The Neurotic Constitution Adler
Inferiority complex Adler
Conditioned reflex Pavlov
Won the 1904 Nobel Prize Pavlov
Little Albert Experiment Watson
Father of Behaviorism Watson
Trained animals to perform complicated tasks Skinner
Walden II Skinner
Beyond Freedom and Dignity Skinner
The Language and Thought of a Child And The Origins of Intelligence Piaget
Four stages of development. Sensorimotor, pre operational, concrete operational, and formal operational Piaget
Eight stage development process Erik Erikson
Hierarchy of needs Maslow
Motivation and Personality And Toward a Psychology of Being Maslow
Six degrees of separation Milgram
Experiments on obedience to authority Milgram
Shock Experiment Milgram
Developed client-centered therapy Rogers
A Way of Being And On Becoming a Person Rogers
pioneered genetic epistemology Piaget
Childhood and Society Erik Erikson
Young Man Luther Erik Erikson
Gandhi's Truth Erik Erikson
Puzzle box Thorndike
Created by: The A-Man