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Pathological Pulse

Abnormal depth

Floating Superficial; it can be flet by gentle touch but grows faint on pressing.
Floating and forceful Due to excess ext syndrome as in acuteor early stage conditions like wind cold
Floating and tight pulse Due to exterior wind cold syndrome. No sore throat, fever without sweating. Common cold
Floating and rapid pulse Due to ext. wind heat syndrome; sore throat aversion to cold and fever
Floating and weak pulse ext def. syndrome, seen in cold, fever with much sweating. Sweat glands easy open
Floating pulse and chronic disease Chronic disease at the interior or weak constitiion either due to deficiency
Floating guan Liver Qi strong Earth Weak (wind)
Floating chi Kid difficult urination/constipation: lower jiao issue
Scattered pulse rootless; felt by light touching but doesn't hold to pressure. It is uncountable and has an uneven rhythm. Seen in critical disease, qi and essence exhaustion
Hollow Pulse It can be felt at the superfical and deep. Empty in the middle. Large, weak follows loss of blood and yin def.
Hollow cun sudden loss of blood
Hollow quan fluid damage to yin
Deep pulse Ext syndro organ problem. Only distinct by heavy pressing related to edema, winter
Deep and forceful int excess syndrome
Deep and weak int def syndrome
Deep cun Chest and diaphram phlegm and water
Deep guan Sp St Lv Gb; abd pain cold evil
Deep chi Kd qi def; vag discharge urine dribbling
Hidden Pulse felt with strong pressure; thready, weak and hardly palpable. Severe pain. Pathogens latent stagnated in.
Firm Pulse deep, wiry, long and forceful. Yin cold could mean mass in the body.
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