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find locate commands

Searching for Files

Search through all files by name, file size, time created, time accesses etc find
find Options: Find all plain text files in /user/home directory find /user/home -name ‘.txt’
find Options: files owned by a specified user -user
find Options: find files modified before or after a specified number of days find /user/home –mtime -5
find Options: Specifies whether files or directories [fd] find / -type d ‘*paper*’
find Options: Specifies how many levels down to search find –maxdepth 3 –name ‘*.txt’
find Options: Find specified files, including filenames with spaces -print0
find Options: Specifies the or parameter when searching multiple criteria -o
find Options: Specifies when file was last accessed -atime
Searches an index file for specific parameters (is faster than find) locate
Index file for locate /var/log/locatedb
Command to update the index /var/log/locatedb updatedb
Configuration file for updatadb /etc/updatedb.conf
locate Options: Count number of entries rather than list locate -c
locate Options: List files only after verifying that they exist locate -e
locate Options: Ignore case locate -i
locate Options: Limit the number of files listed locate -l
locate Options: Searches for a string in only file or directory base names locate -b
Display path to a command which
Displays the path to the binary file, the manual pages, and the source code whereis
whereis Options: List path to the binary file (similar to which) whereis -b
whereis Options: Lists path to the man pages whereis -m
whereis Options:List location of source code whereis -s
whereis Options: List entries that do not have source code, binary file, and man page locations -u
whereis no options Shows all available options
find Options: Find files by size - c for bytes – k for kilobytes – M for magabytes find /user/home –size +300K
Created by: johnadream